Addressing Defamatory Campaign


Dear Friends,

My life's work is dedicated to transformation, freedom and truth. For almost a decade, I have traveled the world working and speaking in service to others. I have served in over twenty countries and reached well over a million people globally. I hold testimonials from thousands of clients sharing how I have helped them to improve their lives.

I am writing this now because for several years, I and those connected to me have been heavily slandered and attacked by two individuals who are of malicious intent. They use false statements, manipulation tactics and unfounded claims to instill fear in blatant acts of cyberterrorism. They attempt to aggressively extort, humiliate and intimidate my supporters, clients, family and affiliates, trying to coerce them to publicly denounce me. Their dehumanizing harassments have damaged the lives of many innocent people whom I care about.

One of the attacking individuals is a self-proclaimed "light healer" with a prior criminal record that attacked me out of professional jealousy. The second person was a former client who exhibited a very public and inappropriate obsession towards me in 2016, and when her interest was not reciprocated, she became venomous and vengeful. Joining efforts, they have falsified numerous accusations against me, harassed over 250 people in my personal and professional network and created over 150 web pages and social media pages filled with defamatory fabrications that are continually updated with false and malicious content, and home-made videos containing manipulated words and images of myself and my supporters. 

Before launching their defamatory campaign, both women journaled their own life stories of severe abuse and abandonment. Since they have never confirmed their deletions of abuse patterns, which only they can do, they have become severely distorted with time. One of them sent a letter to a lawyer describing her fantasies of abusing my children, has been found trespassing on private property taking photos of my living room, insulting my clients and screaming profanities outside a local church that hosts my charity events.

Up to this point, I have turned the other cheek and hoped that my silent gesture of kindness would give them the opportunity to learn and grow. Unfortunately, they have only grown in their reach and capacity to attack those connected to me both personally and professionally. I have come to realize that keeping quiet is no longer the highest and best option. So I would like to publicly address truths that affect not only myself, the people I love and the community that supports me... but also the transformative work with which I have been entrusted.

Since October 2016, these two individuals have used 'Freedom of Speech' to fabricate blatant defamation and fake news about me daily. They use multiple aliases and have gone as far as to slander a judge and the sheriff department that granted me not one, but two restraining orders against their assaults after investigating the case.

My goal is never to silence anyone or obstruct our right to free speech. However, hate speech is not free speech. Freedom of speech is not freedom to attack, abuse and terrorize innocent people without repercussions. There is a difference between using free speech to voice opinions and using free speech to slander and destroy others’ reputations, careers, relationships and families. It is important to stand up against these cyberterrorists, not only for ourselves, but also for all who could potentially fall victim to their abuse.


The content of the slanderous claims that have been made is heavy and extreme. I publicly denounce all their false and defamatory allegations, and want to openly and directly address the following:

They claim I have ties to pedophilia – I have never been linked, tied to, associated with, accused of, investigated or charged with pedophilia. Not now, or ever. They have manipulated photos of my children, and distorted podcast recordings of me speaking about my love and admiration for my daughters, which are disturbing tactics used by those who have been abused themselves. 

They falsified a class action lawsuit against me - Let me be clear, there is no class action lawsuit against me… not pending, lodged or filed. This is a falsified manipulation, created to give the impression that I have defrauded the public and that I am in legal trouble, which is blatantly untrue.

I denounce and deny all their other horrific accusations such as Satanism, fraud, prostitution, being Hitler’s student, sex cult, human trafficking and drug trafficking amongst other outlandish fabrications that are intended to harm me and my supporters. Anyone is welcome to research and see the falsehood of their malevolent allegations.


I'm taking this moment to stand by every individual who has had their name slandered on behalf of their association with me. I stand with all my friends, supporters and everyone who has had the courage to stand against this assault.

Dear friends, this demands your attention - as a community, we have to be strong and brave and speak up to support each other in the pursuit of Truth. It's time to take action to strengthen your children and the future generations.

The current legal system is not yet up to date with cyber attack protections. It takes our collective effort to bring justice to this latest threat.

We live in a time that anyone can publish anything online to further their agenda. I trust that you will use your inner ability to know what is true, and to see clearly what is there to manipulate and control you. 

If you come across any of the content mentioned and doubt my integrity or should you have questions or concerns about anything you hear, please contact my organization directly. Together we will address any of these issues as they arise.

We are currently collecting evidence to file a civil lawsuit against these two individuals. If you have been contacted by them, do not engage.  Please forward us their communication and report them to the authorities.

To the individuals who attack me, I have never done anything to harm you or anyone else. You are clearly victims of abuse and are still suffering intensely from your painful past. However, your pain does not excuse your actions and I sincerely hope you get the help you need to cease harming innocent people with deliberate acts of cyberterrorism.

Throughout history, those who have embodied the Light and proclaimed Truth have met with great opposition. I believe in the strength of humanity to overcome and rise above these forces and embrace the next stage of our conscious evolution.

Sincerely Yours,
Mas Sajady

P.S. Below is footage of the defamatory activities of one of the individuals behind these actions, copies of the restraining orders, as well as the summary of a ten month legal investigation finding no sustaining support for the false claims.

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Below is footage of the defamatory activities of one of the individuals behind these actions, copies of the restraining orders, as well as the summary of a ten month legal investigation finding no sustaining support for the false claims.


Accuser of False Allegations / Face of Cyber-Bully
The woman behind the defamatory campaign against Mas and her live protest at Mas’ charity event.
Watch Here

Accuser of False Allegations / Protesting & Harassment
The woman behind the defamatory campaign against Mas and her harassment of an associate at Mas’ charity event.
Watch Here


Restraining Order # 1: View Here 

Restraining Order #2:  View Here 

Civil Lawsuit: Pending



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Bruce Gitlin Moshe Horn Christopher M. Van De Kieft Attorneys at Law

February 25, 2019

To Whom It May Concern,

I am an attorney in New York. I served as a prosecutor in the Manhattan District attorney's office for ten years and have been in private practice representing individuals and corporations for over 15 years. I have conducted numerous internal investigations in my career, and I have been an adjunct professor of law for 20 years as well.

From March 2018 to January 2019, I have spent ten months investigating the claims made against Mr. Mas Sajady by Theresa Nygard and one other individual. These allegations were mostly made by way of internet accusations. I have thoroughly investigated these accusations, which include a number of criminal acts and other accusations of unethical conducts. Prior to this retention, I did not know Mr. Mas Sajady and had never heard of this company. I have never been a client of his or attended any of his seminars.

I treated this investigation in a similar fashion as I would any other serious investigation. Mr. Mas Sajady provided me with access to his employees, as well as himself and any documents that I requested.

During my investigation, I spoke with a number of witnesses who had been contacted by Ms. Theresa Nygard. I reviewed over twenty websites related to this investigation. I have seen videos that were posted by Ms. Nygard accusing Mr. Mas Sajady of numerous crimes and other acts. Additionally, I spoke with a number of law enforcement officials who were present when Ms. Nygard was protesting Mr. Mas Sajady's events.

My results included the following:

Mr. Mas Sajady is a self-help professional and a thought leader. He speaks and conducts seminars, which are attended by people from around the world. He has a podcast, an active website, a global following, and based on my investigation, an extremely small number of complaints other than Ms. Nygard.

Ms. Nygard has made allegations against Mr. Mas Sajady that he is guilty of child abuse, sexual exploitation, physical assault, fraudulent business practices, prostitution, drug/human trafficking and other crimes. Additionally, she has created websites that claim that Mr. Mas Sajady has a pending class action litigation filed against him. I ran searches through all litigation databases and contacted law enforcement agencies to investigate these claims. Additionally, I spoke with numerous witnesses. The following are my findings after an extensive investigation:

I did not find any evidence that a class action case against Mr. Mas Sajady is pending in any Court in this country.

I conducted a thorough background check and did not view any evidence of any criminal complaints that have been filed against Mr. Mas Sajady.

I have found no evidence of any accusations of child abuse or sexual exploitation against Mr. Mas Sajady from any government agency.

I have likewise found no evidence of assault charges or any other action being filed against Mr. Mas Sajady.

I have found no evidence of any accusations of illegal business practices nor any evidence of the drug/human trafficking or prostitution.

Ms. Nygard has made numerous accusations of Mr. Mas Sajady being guilty of abusing his own children. I have seen no evidence of any reports to hospitals, or law enforcement of any abuse having taking place with Mr. Mas Sajady's children.

I have found that Ms. Nygard and the other accuser have created multiple fake profiles to speak against Mr. Mas Sajady on social media platforms in an attempt to appear as a large community of victims, rather than a team of two.

Ms. Nygard has a healing practice of her own. My findings show that Ms. Nygard has solicited business from clients of Mas Sajady Inc. She has emailed as many clients as she could reach with slanderous information about Mr. Mas Sajady. She has advertised her healing sessions to Mr. Mas Sajady's clients at $175/ for 2 hours that promise to heal them of the harms done by Mr. Mas Sajady. I have seen videos, which are readily available of Ms. Nygard standing outside of an event where Mr. Mas Sajady was speaking and screaming at and harassing guests of the event.

In summary, my investigation has revealed no factual basis for any of these accusations. They appear to be unsubstantiated and without merit.

As part of this investigation, I have also spoken with numerous supporters of Mr. Mas Sajady who have been terrorized, slandered and cyber-bullied by Ms. Nygard for their associations with Mr. Mas Sajady. She has made alarming allegations against the supporters of Mr. Mas Sajady that are completely fabricated.

Additionally, Ms. Nygard has verbally confronted, harassed and shamed the attendees of Mas Sajady Inc's. charity events in Minneapolis. I have spoken with officers of local law enforcement in the Minneapolis area who were well informed of Ms. Nygard's disruptive protests.

I have found that several hosts have cancelled events with Mr. Mas Sajady due to threats and false allegations made by Ms. Nygard. In fact, events have been cancelled due to intimidation in this country and around the world, including Australia. There is a pending civil action brought against Ms. Nygard by Mr. Mas Sajady in the New York Court system.

In short, my investigation found no evidence to support any of Ms. Nygard’s claims. I have discovered an extraordinarily aggressive pattern of false statements and threats that Ms. Nygard has spread about Mr. Mas Sajady. These are a summary of my conclusions.

Should you wish to discuss this further or have any questions please contact me. I am available to discuss the investigation and the factual supports of the findings.

Very Truly Yours,




Recently the Mas Sajady Team has had clients reach out, asking if there is anything they can do to assist bringing forth the truth of Mas’ character.

We are gathering factual information to offer the public to help them understand the situation and minimize the illusion of fear painted by our accusers.

Part of this information will be a list of supporters. If you feel aligned and inspired to do so, you may offer your support by clicking the link below.