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SuccessMAStery for Business
An Introduction Intensive


Have you ever wondered why some of us struggle in business, while others breeze through life with money and professional achievements flowing to them effortlessly?  Do you struggle with fear of failure, or even fear of success, that keeps you paralyzed and unable to move forward with your career goals? Or maybe you have achieved a degree of success in your work, but feel like you are stuck and unable or unsure of how to reach that next level of abundance and prosperity? 

The surprising truth is that many of our difficulties in business are not our "fault" or a product of our conscious choices, but are actually the result of energetic blocks and distortions that we have picked up over the course of this life and our many past lives. It's only when we identify and shift these frequencies within ourselves that we can break the patterns that have been undermining our success for hundreds or even thousands of years. Our new Business MAStery program is designed to empower you to do just that. 

Join Mas Sajady for the debut of his eagerly-anticipated SuccessMAStery for Business Introductory Intensive. The workshop will give you a deep understanding of the timeless energetic principles that impact our professional and personal lives, and includes several potent Medihealings designed to support you in recognizing and removing the energetic blocks you have around business and professional development.  

Once you are clear of these distortions, you will be able to harness the power of Pure Source and Exponential Intelligence to achieve unheard-of results in your existing business or whatever career you desire. Join us for this exciting first step into a new professional paradigm that will fundamentally transform the way you think and feel about working and making money. 


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Recorded Sunday, December 17, 2017 | Fairmont Nob Hill, San Francisco