Hello Beloved Spirit

We hear you...We care about you....You are not alone

Suicide is heavy.  The emotional space that leads an individual to think of suicide is thick and dark.  Have you found that you are walking through this gut-wrenching place?  Are you enrobed in such despair that you can barely face each day? Do you feel a need or a desire to end this lifetime?  
You are not alone.  Many people feel pulled to thoughts of death as they walk this path of spiritual journey.  This special medihealing is for anyone feeling the weight of suicidal thoughts as well as those grieving the loss of loved ones who took their lives.  
For those feeling pulled to thoughts of suicide, in this Frequency Clinic Mas will:

  • Expedite the removal of entities that may be controlling you
  • Clean out the residue of depressive frequencies
  • Eradicate exhaustion and fatigueand instil energy and desire to live
  • Integrate an authentic belief that things will change for the better
  • Open your heart and brighten your eyes to the beauty of your lightened spirit
  • Strengthen your foundation so you are ready to face the new path that awaits you

For those who have been affected by suicide, Mas will:

  • Remove any feelings of shame, guilt, or responsibility you may be harboring
  • Extract frequencies of suicide within you or frequencies that attract suicidal individuals
  • Help you create healthy boundaries so you can stand firmly in your own space without getting entangled
  • Give you the peace and strength to forgive and move forward into your life
  • Bless you with the gift of knowing that your loved ones have been freed from the chains of sadness

For those who have ended their life, Mas will:

  • Clear them of suicidal frequencies and expel any controlling entities
  • Liberate them from any time loops they in which they may be caught
  • Ensure that they will not create experiences for their next life from a distorted space
  • Clear their spirit from any attachment to loved ones and direct them into the beauty and peace of heavenly space

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*Please note that Mas is not a doctor and this information does not and should not act as a substitute to medical or psychological treatment. If your mental or emotional state is an emergency, please reach out for immediate medical or professional assistance and contact a loved one who can provide support. Detox and heavy emotions are normal but your safety is important to us.* 

For many people, as we begin to detox we may feel a sense of sadness, darkness and even like we want to end our life. As our pain body is cleared, we identify closely with this departure and emptiness and may feel great discomfort. In reality, we are finally shedding all that has controlled us. We are now liberated and are poised for great growth and awakening.