Dear Community,

As many of you know, over the past few years Mas has experienced slander and defamation of his character, work and service by Theresa Nyguard and a couple of others that assist Theresa. Their approach is to contact event vendors with fake-news and fear based lies about Mas. If the vendors agree to still host Mas, they move on to slander the vendor’s character, work and service. Many of you have even been contacted by these individuals.

All experiences are mirrors for each and everyone of us to look within and grow from. And there comes a point and time where your inner growth and shifts open to presenting courageous moments to act upon.

In a most recent situation, due to Theresa’s slander outreach, Mas was taken off of sponsorship for Wisdom 2.0, to be held in San Francisco in March. Wisdom did not reach out to the Mas Sajady Team to question anything offered to them from Theresa. The incident has made Mas and the team more greatly aware of the affects cyber-bullying can have on individuals in a world where few are yet capable of having the inner guidance or courage to know or question what is real/true.

Mas spoke openly about the situation on the recent Abuse Series Q&A call. Since then, we have had client’s ask us if there is anything they can do to assist in the situation.

We are gathering factual information to offer to upcoming event vendors, to help them understand the truth of Mas and minimize the illusion of fear that Theresa paints for them. We feel it would help to be able to offer a list of supporters. If you feel aligned and inspired to do so, please take a moment to fill out the form below.

Mas will be offering a live Q&A call on the situation on XXXXX … you may submit any questions you have HERE or access the call HERE.