Mas in Vancouver | March 29-30, 2016

Meet Mas Sajady: Through two near death experiences Mas was gifted with extraordinarily potent healing abilities to reprogram your life blueprint at core levels for rapid life transformations beyond anything you’ve experienced. 

Extraordinary Abilities: At the risk of being accused of 'Playing God', Mas bypasses conventional protocols with his abilities to get to the real cause of why your life is the way it is especially for long standing issues. He 'edits' your blueprint at the core frequency level for effortless transformations in all areas of life - physical, financial, spiritual, relationships, and more - with rapid, tangible and documented results.

Spiritual Truth: During profound 3am meditations after his second near death experience, Mas was downloaded with volumes of advanced Exponential Intelligence. With direct guidance from Pure Source, Mas acquired the understanding to accept the responsibility of awakening the world with the power of Truth.

There is no ‘chance meeting'. If something is stirring within you then come meet Mas, feel the frequency and discover the truth about...YOU!

Although the results are tangible and seemingly miraculous, Mas doesn't heal you. He helps you awaken your own abilities to live 360 degrees of abundance.  Please read our disclaimer before proceeding.

March 29 & 30 | 11am - 4:30pm PT
Industrial-Strength Group Healing (IGH)

IGH harnesses the power of the group energy and intent, whilst providing an opportunity to speak to Mas one on one during the session. Mas is able to duplicate himself energetically to work on each person in the group for the entire length of the session.

10 - 12 persons per group  | 45 - 60 minutes per session 

Registration: $120 USD per person per session | $50 USD deposit now, balance due on session date  

To secure your spot, a $50 USD non-refundable deposit is required now. The balance is due at the time of the session. Please bring cash in exact change for the balance - $70 USD, or, $100 CAD. 

Please select a session time listed below and pay the deposit to secure your spot.

Please make your selection carefully. In-Person events are non-refundable (except in the case of exceptional circumstances), however a credit may be given towards future/alternative in-person events if a minimum of 48 hours' notice is given. We reserve the right to charge an administrative fee in these circumstances. 

IGH Session Dates/Times & Booking with a Deposit ($50 USD):

Sessions for Tuesday, March 29

3/29 | 11 - 12pm| Sold-Out  

3/29 | 12 - 1pm | Sold-Out

3/29 | 1 - 2pm | Sold-Out

3/29| 2:30 - 3:30pm | Sold-Out

3/29| 3:30 - 4:30pm | Sold-Out
Sessions for Wednesday, March 30

3/30 | 11 - 12pm | Sold-Out

3/30 | 12 - 1pm | Sold-Out

3/30 | 1 - 2pm | Sold-Out 

3/30 | 2:30 - 3:30pm | Sold-Out

3/30 | 3:30 - 4:30pm | Sold-Out

Location: Creekside Community Recreation Centre | 1 Athletes Way, Vancouver, BC V5Y 0B1

Wednesday, March 30 | 7 - 9pm PT
Transformation Intensive Medi-Healing

Mas has experienced that Pure Source comes through him with the highest potency whenever he works in a group setting. The larger the group, the more powerful the healing energy.  

Transformation Intensive is designed to energetically immerse you in a powerful group setting. Mas will help activate the healing process by strengthening your connection with Pure Source as you open to receive and heal in a highly-charged energy field of ever intensifying voltage. Meanwhile, Mas will facilitate the knowledge download to your conscious mind to achieve rapid and lasting transformations.  

Registration | In-Person or Remotely (Telephone, Skype, Web)

Attending In-Person: Register online now or Pay at the door
Register Now: $70 USD | Click to Register
Pay at the door: $100 CAD, Cash.
*In-Person registration includes 80% off replay

Attending Remotely / MP3 Replay:
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$70 USD | Click to Register
Remote registration includes MP3 replay

Location: Creekside Community Recreation Centre | 1 Athletes Way, Vancouver, BC V5Y 0B1

Registration Policy

All sales are final. Tickets are transferable; but non-refundable. Fees may be included.

No recording permitted at the event. 

All participants have read and agreed to our Disclaimer.

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