The Mas Sajady 21 Day Program is a powerful tool to help support and accelerate total abundance in all areas of your life; health, wealth, love and self.  Join Mas every month for 21 days, 21 minutes twice a day, of guided meditation and healing in one that reviews and elevates your vibration by harnessing the power of the group, known as the mastermind. Change your frequency and your life by connecting with Mas and thousands of participants worldwide. 

21 Day Program | MEDIHEALING

What is Medihealing?

Medihealing is meditation and healing in one developed and led by Mas Sajady. This is the most popular Mas program, and hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have listened and participated in Medihealings with Mas.

Mas started The 21 Day in 2011 and more people continue to be drawn to it every year. A new 21 day cycle begins every month; be a part of this growing movement and feel the difference for yourself. 

How Medihealing is Different

What makes Medihealing different than normal meditation is that it combines the proven benefits of meditation with powerful healing energy to supercharge you into higher frequencies. As your vibration rises, blocks and resistance peels away, empowering you to tap into the unlimited abundance that is your birthright. 

Tap into the Power of the Mastermind

The 21 Day harnesses the power of the mastermind, where the positive energy of the thousands of Medihealing participants worldwide is combined to bring you into a higher vibrational state, deepening your awareness and accelerating your personal transformation.

Medihealing Benefits

  • Addiction Resolution
  • Anti-Aging
  • Family Lineage Healing
  • Internal Stability
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Success

21 Day Medihealing Details

  • Twenty one AM & PM, 21-minute Medihealings (42 total)
  • Most sessions are live; recordings may be substituted as necessary
  • Replays of all Medihealings are available for download.
    Recordings have the same healing properties as live sessions.
  • Details for connecting to the Medihealing are emailed after purchase
  • Two packages are available for purchase: Essential and Sublime

21 Day Program


Mas Sajady 21 Day Program | PACKAGES

*Please scroll down to learn more about Included products with the Mas Sajady 21 Day Program.

*Please scroll down to learn more about Included products with the Mas Sajady 21 Day Program.

21 Day Program

Mas Sajady 21 Day Program | REGISTRATION

June 2017

Opens Soon - Dates to be Determined

May 2017 NOW OPEN

May 16 - June 5

*Please Note: The 21 Day Program dates are chosen to accommodate Mas' travel schedule, so he may connect live for the calls.



Exponential Intelligence MAStery

Exponential Intelligence MAStery is an advanced monthly lecture building off concepts discussed in our popular podcast, Exponential Intelligence.

While our podcast explains the basics on 'the real why on life and how to have it all', Exponential Intelligence MAStery explores more advanced EI principles. Live attendance of these lectures is only available to 21 Day Medihealing participants. However, the recording will be available for the general public to access and purchase 30 minutes after the live lecture ($30).

Prerequisite: To best comprehend, contribute to and benefit from the Exponential Intelligence MAStery lectures, familiarity with basic EI concepts is recommended. If you are new to Mas, we recommend you listen to the Exponential Intelligent Podcast and practice Medihealing before attending the EI MAStery lecture.

Available via Essential or Sublime
LIVE Lecture access are not available for purchase separately
Browse the EI MAStery Archives for MP3 downloads here ($30)

Global Healing Session

Global Healing is a powerful 60 minute live Medihealing call. Each month Mas invites the world to participate in this free hour-long call with the pureness of their hearts and a sincere desire to heal and evolve. This is not an ordinary healing session; anyone or any issue Mas works on during this call will benefit from the powerful “mastermind dynamic” where Mas combines the energy generated from the thousands of participants worldwide to help all listeners elevate their vibration. 

The call is open to global audience but The 21 Day Sublime participants enjoy special access and benefits... (click for more info)


Available via Sublime

Two Group Healings 

In this 30 minute live group Medihealing session, Mas will tap into your higher self and help you heal yourself at the core vibrational level.
•Have you been wondering why you are not attracting the results you want in life?
•Is your life not going the way it should?
•Are you stuck in the same old self-defeating patterns?
•Have you been ill ever since you can remember and nobody can figure out why?

Find out what is holding you back create a new paradigm to make rapid change possible so you can start living your optimum life. You will literally feel the shift as Mas works on you either remotely via phone or in person. Many have experienced a definite improvement in their area of concern in just one session.

Available via Sublime
Group Healings may be purchased separately here ($20 - $30)

Please note: These Group Healings are not Industrial Strength Group Healings (IGHs) - for details on how to book an IGH appointment please click here.

Mas Sajady 21 Day Program | FEEDBACK & QUESTIONS


Important Info about about Detox

Many people experience "detox" after working with Mas. Detox is your unique personal process of clearing distorted/toxic energy as your frequencies shift higher, and it often happens automatically to those who go through it. Symptoms can be emotional, physical or financial. Detox, while uncomfortable, will pass. There are different levels and layers of detox and it is not uncommon to go through detox with each level you transcend. It is a time of individual strengthening and a final separation and exiting of what no longer serves you. During this period of adjustment, allow for personal time that is nourishing for you. Mas does not claim to diagnose, cure or heal any illness. Please see a medical professional if you believe you are experiencing any serious health concerns during your detox.  

All Sales Final.  No Refunds.