Medihealing® Program with Mas Sajady

July 21 DAY DATES: July 7-27, 2018


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Mas Sajady's 21 Day Medihealing is the foundational program for personal transformation. In this monthly program Mas works on the spiritual blueprint of the group for 21 minutes morning and evening for 21 days and brings the participants through a process of identifying and removing distortions that no longer serve them; elevating each individual to new levels of awareness, abundance and truth.

21 MINS  •  AM & PM  •  21 DAYS

During the live Medihealings, Mas is able to assess and address the specific needs of the group. He leads the Medihealings in the same way that he was ‘instructed’ to meditate after his near death when he was pulled from sleep into 3AM meditations and downloaded with his expansive abilities and the knowledge of Exponential Intelligence. Whether you are new or a loyal 21 Day participant, this program is one of the most powerful and effective tools to revamp your existence and bring about complete abundance in every aspect of your life.

21 Day participants connect with Mas via phone or web. Replays of each Medihealing are provided and because Mas works outside of space and time, they are just as effective as the live calls, allowing you to listen at your convenience or as many times as you would like.

What is a Medihealing?  A Medihealing is meditation and healing in one, developed and led by Mas Sajady. During a Medihealing, Mas works at spirit level to help adjust your core frequencies to strengthen your connection to Pure Source. This connection helps open your internal abilities to heal yourself and ultimately achieve 360° of Abundance - affecting health, relationships, spirituality, financial wealth, and more.

The Power of the Mastermind  The 21 Day participants also benefit from the collective group strength and momentum, which Mas refers to as the Mastermind. The Mastermind is composed of the purest version of its members and it allows individuals to leverage their collective strength to shift further & faster.

Live Medihealings take place twice daily:
7:30 AM & PM PT |  9:30 AM & PM CT  |  10:30 AM & PM ET


The 21 Day Medihealing Program offers two package options: The Essential & The Sublime. 

The Essential Package

Includes live AM & PM Medihealings with Mas, complimentary replays of all 42 Medihealings and access to the monthly EI MAStery Lecture in which Mas delves into a deep discussion of the monthly topic of choice.

The Sublime Package

In addition to the Essential Package offerings, the Sublime also includes access to two monthly Group Healings, the opportunity to be selected to ask Mas questions during his monthly Free Global Healing call, and entrance into a monthly lottery drawing where winners are given the ability to schedule a highly sought after Industrial-Strength Group Healing® (IGH) if desired.

  *Please scroll down to learn more about  Included products  with the Mas Sajady 21 Day Program.

*Please scroll down to learn more about Included products with the Mas Sajady 21 Day Program.


JULY 2018

21 DAY

July 7-27, 2018



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Essential ($119) | Click to Register


 in the July 21 Day


Exponential Intelligence (EI) MAStery

( Encore Call! )  EI MAStery is an advanced, topic-specific, monthly lecture building off of concepts discussed in Mas' free podcast, Exponential Intelligence (EI). While the podcast explains basic EI concepts, the lectures explore more advanced principles.

The 21 Day participants have exclusive access to listen to these lectures live, submit questions on the monthly topic for Mas to address during the lecture, and receive a complimentary replay. After the call airs, archived replays are available for non-21 Day participants to purchase.

Recommended: If you are new to Mas, you may benefit from listening to the Free Exponential Intelligent Podcast.

( Included with: SUBLIME & ESSENTIAL )


2 Group Healings

Group Healings are 30-minute, topic-specific Medihealings, with complimentary replays offered. By joining with other individuals on the same topic, the mastermind helps individuals shift further and faster together than typically capable of doing so on their own. This added benefit is especially useful if the topic at hand has been challenging for you to resolve on your own.

Mas often sees common root causes, frequency patterns, or programs that run through the group, manifesting as the issue at hand. He works on all patterns presented to eliminate the core of the issue for all individuals listening.

Learn More or browse the full Group Healing library.

( Included with:  SUBLIME )


Global Healing Q&A + IGH Lottery Drawing

( Encore Call! )  Each month Mas invites the world to participate in this hour-long call with the pureness of their hearts, and a sincere desire to heal and evolve. Anyone or issue Mas works on during this call will benefit all who listen.

Mas' Global Healing call is open and free for anyone to participate. The 21 Day Sublime participants additionally benefit by having exclusive access to be selected to ask Mas questions during the call. They will also be entered into the IGH session-spot lottery, and if drawn are secured an opening to schedule a remote appointment with Mas if desired.  Learn More

( Included with:  SUBLIME )

A Note on Detox

Many people experience "detox" after working with Mas. Detox is your unique personal process of clearing distorted/toxic frequencies as you shift higher. Symptoms may be emotional, physical or financial. Detox, while uncomfortable, will pass. It is a time of individual strengthening and final separation of what no longer serves you. During this period of adjustment, allow for personal time that is nourishing for you. Mas does not claim to diagnose, cure or heal any illness. Please seek a medical professional if you are experiencing serious physical, mental or emotional challenges.


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