An ordinary computer programmer who was gifted with extraordinary abilities after two near death experiences, Mas Sajady's gifts stretch far beyond the physical. His Medihealings® have helped countless individuals reprogram core frequencies, dramatically affecting all areas of their lives, leading to 360° of Abundance - a level of abundance that Mas feels is everyone's birthright.

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FEATURED EVENT - Awakening to New Realities, Parts 1 & 2

with host, Alan Steinfeld


This call is about the Next Level of Awakening. During Part 1 of the event, Mas entered into a space that was tender and raw, bringing the Mastermind to a state of honorable silence and awe. The moments intensified and brought him to an unexpected upgrade shortly before the 21-Day. Mas ascended beyond time and density into a space of euphoria and spiritual truth.

This experience has forever changed Mas, and everyone listening. Part 2 continues with an in depth exploration on the upgrade Mas experienced during Part 1 and he and Alan Steinfeld continue the journey into higher consciousness for a collective Awakening to New Realities.

Awakening to New Realities MP3 - Part 1 & 2 | Full Details & Registration

"After I asked Mas to tap into a higher alien mindset, his whole energy field started to change. I saw the tears welling up in his eyes. And then there was this beautiful sense of compassion and pure love. It was not a channeling, but a download of a higher frequency. A real shift of reality could be felt by everyone in the room. It was an upgrade of powerful Divine frequencies and I think it is an energy that may go on to influence his work from here on out. It was another level to the unfoldment of initiation and transformation."  - Alan Steinfeld

Spiritual detox is a process by which our spirit helps to clear out old frequencies that no longer serve us. Detox can be exhausting and feel defeating, but it is an important and necessary strengthening process in your spiritual journey that helps fortify the strong foundation needed to withhold greater abundance and new spiritual heights.  MORE

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