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For you or on behalf of your loved ones, the Mas Sajady Public Service Program offers free Medihealing® masterminds that highlight collective concerns to accelerate transformation.

Mas selects different areas to work on each time according to what people come to him the most for in his private sessions. The Free Public Service Program is designed to assist individuals of heightened need, regardless of financial means on the individual's end. In addition, the power of the group energetically fuels the space to bring even faster and more powerful healing to each participant.

Though no financial charge is placed on these Medihealings, it’s useful to know that their value and capacity for accelerating powerful transformation in one’s life remains unlimited. Many individuals have experienced major life transformations with Mas Sajady’s free programs.

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Support for Sexual Trauma

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Mas Sajady's gifts are especially effective in releasing the pain bodies created during intimate violence like rape or molestation.  Mas connects individuals with pure source to gently realign them to greater peace and 360 degrees of abundance. While the focus of this conversation will be on intimate and domestic violence, all survivors of PTSD are invited to release back to a more joyful, easy, carefree and healthy existence.

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Support for Teens
Experiencing Depression

The frequencies of depression can dampen the brightest of spirits. For many teens, depression’s dark tentacles take root, clouding the richness of life’s experiences and draining precious energy. If you know of a teen who is hindered by depression’s heavy shackles, join Mas Sajady in this liberating free program in which he will work at the core frequency level to:

- lift the debilitating burden of depression

- provide a fresh, clear perspective with which to view life’s endless possibilities

- invite the spirit to know and embrace its true exquisite nature

- rekindle the energy, enthusiasm and passion to embrace new experiences

- introduce a life path of ease and effortless abundance

For this Medihealing®, those suffering from depression need not be present. You may “pull in” another by thinking of them during the meditation and then letting the thought go. Provided their spirit is willing to receive, they will benefit from the transformative effects as if they were present. The medihealing can also be played on a loop quietly in the background for maximum effect.

Because of a strong occurrence of youth depression in the area, this powerful medihealing will be held live in Portland to address the city’s youth. Mas will tap in and tailor the program as necessary to best address the specific needs of the group.

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Support for Children for
Academic Excellence

To excel in academics can generate a myriad of opportunities for a child. It can lead to a stronger sense of self-confidence, pave the way for higher education and learning, and can provide a strong foundation for financial and life success.  

By no means should academic excellence define a child but it is a tool that merits growth and expansion that can lead to a life full of adventure and boundless potential.   

Whether academic excellence comes effortlessly to your child or they struggle with the tasks required of their learning environment, join Mas for this free Medihealing® where he will help bring in frequencies of focus, resolve, and academic rigor to help enrich your child’s performance in education.

You may pull the child or children into the healing by momentarily thinking of them. They are not required to be physically present. However, please consider playing this Medihealing for them at a low volume while they play, work or sleep. Regardless of their presence, Mas abilities will transcend time and space and the benefits will be realized.  

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Support for Children with
Gifts & Talents

From time to time we encounter a child whose brightness, intuition, or intellect is stunning. They are unique and unusual in a brilliant way; their gifts talents expand beyond those of their peers. These young individuals may not feel that they can relate to children their own age or they may feel isolated or misunderstood. It is also not uncommon for the abilities of these children to be unrecognized or unsupported.  

The human existence is magical and can be created in a vast number of ways. Those with superb aptitudes need to feel encouraged and celebrated so that their true brilliance can shine through and their abilities can be strengthened. Join Mas for this free Medihealing® to support children with exceptional gifts and talents. This healing will help them to not only feel more complete and fortified in spirit but allow them to fully embrace their gifts and share them with the world.

The child or children who will benefit from this healing do not need to be present. Simply pull them into the healing frequencies by briefly thinking of them. You may also play the recording quietly for the child in the background as they sleep, do homework, or play. No need for the child to be physically present, Mas’ abilities will reach their spirit and the child will benefit from the frequencies generated.

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Support for Children for Higher
Brain Function/Development

The openness of a child’s mind is blessedly uncharted, limitless in its potential and yearning to absorb and assimilate physical knowledge and experience. But with time, factors such as environment, family, diet and life circumstances can become restricting and confining, reducing the range of possibilities available as they grow into adulthood.

In this free Medihealing live from London, Mas will remove any limiting distortions that threaten to define a child’s potential, allowing for their highest level of brain functioning and development. Clearing and strengthening the body/mind/spirit connection, the child’s fullest potential will be allowed to flourish, helping to pave the way to an enriching, fulfilling life of ease and abundance.

The child need not be present to receive the bountiful effects of this Medihealing. An adult may “bring in” the child by simply thinking of them during the meditation. Because Mas’ abilities transcend space and time, the willing spirit of the child will receive the full benefits as if they were present. This soothing and enhancing Medihealing can also be played on a loop in the background for maximum benefit.

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Support for Children
Affected by Drugs

Aired Live from Toronto Green Living Show

Drug abuse is an epidemic in our country, and it is impacting our children most of all. However, if we address and resolve the vibrational basis of addiction, we may stop this social disease at its foundation. It's time to start a revolution from the ground up.

Join Mas for a special, FREE, live event in Toronto, Canada, where he will help shift the frequencies that lead to substance abuse in young people. This event is specifically for children and teens. It has the following requirement for in-person attendance:

  • Only children and teens are admitted for in-person attendance. Each much have at least 1 parent/guardian with them to be admitted.
  • Parents may not attend in-person on their own, but may do so online.
  • Registration is free, but all children and teens must be registered and bring their ticket/proof of registration to be admitted.
  • There will not be any makeup sessions offered for this event for attendees who are late or do not attend. However, frequency infused replay audio will be available.

Working together we may transform the drug culture that has indoctrinated so many of our youth.

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Suicide Support

Hello Beloved Spirit

We hear you. We care about you.
You are not alone.

Suicide is heavy.  The emotional space that leads an individual to think of suicide is thick and dark.  Have you found that you are walking through this gut-wrenching place?  Are you enrobed in such despair that you can barely face each day? Do you feel a need or a desire to end this lifetime?  
You are not alone.  Many people feel pulled to thoughts of death as they walk this path of spiritual journey.  This special medihealing is for anyone feeling the weight of suicidal thoughts as well as those grieving the loss of loved ones who took their lives.  
For those feeling pulled to thoughts of suicide, in this Frequency Clinic Mas will:

  • Expedite the removal of entities that may be controlling you
  • Clean out the residue of depressive frequencies
  • Eradicate exhaustion and fatigueand instil energy and desire to live
  • Integrate an authentic belief that things will change for the better
  • Open your heart and brighten your eyes to the beauty of your lightened spirit
  • Strengthen your foundation so you are ready to face the new path that awaits you

For those who have been affected by suicide, Mas will:

  • Remove any feelings of shame, guilt, or responsibility you may be harboring
  • Extract frequencies of suicide within you or frequencies that attract suicidal individuals
  • Help you create healthy boundaries so you can stand firmly in your own space without getting entangled
  • Give you the peace and strength to forgive and move forward into your life
  • Bless you with the gift of knowing that your loved ones have been freed from the chains of sadness

For those who have ended their life, Mas will:

  • Clear them of suicidal frequencies and expel any controlling entities
  • Liberate them from any time loops they in which they may be caught
  • Ensure that they will not create experiences for their next life from a distorted space
  • Clear their spirit from any attachment to loved ones and direct them into the beauty and peace of heavenly space
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This free Medihealing from Mas Sajady may be helpful for any individual that has experienced any degree of PTSD, regardless of what may have caused it (war, abuse, trauma, accidents, etc). Play it for yourself or a loved one.

May assist individuals with:

Greater Sense of Peace & Calm - Spiritual Clarity - Forgiveness - Self-Acceptance - Self-Love - Mental Health Frequency - True Understanding of the Situation - A Sense of Well-being - Suicide Prevention

A Note on Veterans:

A natural response - yet PTSD continues to be stigmatized. Ashamed, many soldiers delay seeking treatment for depression and other PTSD-related symptoms, often with dire consequences.  According to a report released on February 1, 2013, 22 U.S. veterans commit suicide every day- one every 65 minutes. How many more are not counted in this report? This is an American tragedy. This stigma must be eradicated.

After returning from war, the life of every veteran and all who love these brave warriors is forever changed.  How could combat not affect a human being?  It's time to give back to the one percent who sacrificed so much for all of us. Payment is long overdue.  We must all do more and take responsibility for helping the men and women who served our country in every era.

We must have compassion and understanding for those who suffer from devastating invisible wounds.  And we must be a force- generating hope and contributing in some positive way to making a difference in their lives.     

Veterans from all wars, across generations, bear hidden battle wounds, resulting in a crippling emotional homelessness that can destroy their lives and inflict immense collateral damage on family and friends. .

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), while widely acknowledged among soldiers who fought in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, are not new conditions. In the Civil War era, this altered post- war psychological state was known as Soldier's Heart.  In Jane & Johnny, soldiers who fought in WWII, in the Battle of the Bulge and D-Day, share stories on camera about the PTSD they carry with them to this very day.  

While soldiers receive treatment for physical wounds, hidden wounds- their emotional and psychological wounds- go untreated by a system that is under-staffed and under- funded. Ignoring historical evidence from the Vietnam War, the U.S. government under-estimated the number of soldiers who would need help upon their return from Iraq and Afghanistan.

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