MAStermind Group | A Business/Success Program

A MAStermind Group - A mastermind group facilitated by Mas.

The MAStermind Advantage: With Mas’ facilitation, a MAStermind group has many unfair advantages over any other regular mastermind groups. During each meeting, Mas will work on – 

  • Strengthening the group’s connection to Pure Source 
  • Purifying and grounding the energy of the group
  • Removing energetic blocks of the group collectively
  • Clearing frequency distortions of each member individually
  • Super-charging the group by maximizing the potential of each member
  • Instilling the frequency of success in the group to excel beyond expectations 
  • Setting the anchor for each member to easily access the power of the MAStermind anytime, even after the program completion
  • And much more….

The Structure: 
Minimum: 3 members  | Maximum: 7 members
Virtual meetings | 30 minutes each  |  weekly or bi-weekly
6-month & 12-month program available

Business Coaching/Mentoring

Don't have a group or the group is too big? Here are the alternatives to the MAStermind Group with the same advantages -

One-on-One Mentoring:
Mas will work with you one-on-one to achieve your personal and professional goals. 
Fees: $8,000 Retainer, billed at $500/15min 

Organization/Group Coaching:
Mas will work on any small or large group to significantly improve the efficiency, productivity, and the general well-being of your company.  
Fees: Starting at $3,000/hour

Inquiries & Booking:
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