MAS LIVE | Big Island Hawaii | Transformation Intensive Medihealing & IGHs | In-Person


Mas Sajady Live Events Program

At the Loving Service Foundation

Transformation Intensive Medihealing ®
Saturday, August 12 | 2pm - 3:30pm

1.5 hours of intensive Medihealings addressing the most relevant issues of the group. 

Mas has experienced that Pure Source comes through him the strongest whenever he facilitates the Medihealing in a group setting…the larger the group, the more powerful the experience. Transformation Intensive - No lectures, no interviews, no guest speakers, just 1.5 hours of intense transformative work, pure and simple! 

‘Turbo-charged’ by the power of the group, Mas instills Pure Source frequencies that empower you to connect, receive, and transform. Once connected to Pure Source, instantaneous transformations may then take place in all areas of your life - Health, Wealth, Relationship, Spirituality, etc…

Registration: Attend In-Person: $49 | Click to Register

Location: Loving Service Foundation, 73-4340 Huehue St., Kailua Kona, Hawaii 96740

In-Person Sessions | Industrial-Strength Group Healing ™
Saturday, August 12 | 4pm – 6pm

An Industrial Strength Group Healing (IGH) is a 50-60 minute Group Healing session with Mas with the chance to speak to Mas either privately or within the group setting. This is Mas' preferred way of working as the healing effect is amplified by the power of the group. 10-12 people per group.
Priority is given to participants of the Transformation Intensive event. However, we will accommodate requests for special consideration, please email:

$150 per person | Registration link is included in the event confirmation email for those who wish to secure their spot in advance. Or pay on site, $150 cash or credit card (5% process fee).

Location: Loving Service Foundation, 73-4340 Huehue St., Kailua Kona, Hawaii 96740