Introducing the Human Reset Program

This groundbreaking program is the first of its kind to help you comprehensively clear and reset at every level in order to most efficiently reach high performance mastery.

This is not conventional success - this is a complete human reset where you can have the physical success and the spiritual connection we all crave without destroying the earth or others. It transports you to a different level of consciousness where 360 degrees of abundance is the norm. Health, relationships and wealth turn into a reflection of your connection to your higher self, rather than a façade to hide inadequacies.

Four fundamental workshops, listen to the first workshop replay for free now… MORE

Can This Man Empower You
to Change Your Life?

An ordinary computer programmer gifted with extraordinary abilities after two near death experiences, Mas Sajady helps you to reprogram your core frequencies to transform all areas of your life, leading  to  360° of Abundance: 
Health • Relationships • Spirituality • Wealth • Success • Love

Halloween Night …
Unleash your Exponential Self with Michael Jackson’s Thriller

Thursday, October 31st
9pm PT/ 11pm CT/ 12am (Nov 1) ET
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This Halloween, join Mas Sajady in the Realm of Exponentiality for a very special performance of Thriller by Michael Jackson’s consciousness. Dance with the King of Pop as he opens the synchronized force of the universe in rhythm and dance, and embody the creative command and energetic alchemy of the higher levels of consciousness he is now part of… MORE


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Spiritual detox is a process by which our spirit helps to clear out old frequencies that no longer serve us. Detox can be exhausting and feel defeating, but it is an important and necessary strengthening process in your spiritual journey that helps fortify the strong foundation needed to withhold greater abundance and new spiritual heights. 

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