High Performance Mastery

Imagine having the keys to unlock, unblock, and unleash your highest potential. 

Global high performance mastery expert Mas Sajady uses highly-developed abilities and knowledge attained after his near death experiences to reset and ignite your innate success mechanisms and transcend limitations. 

This work is for those who have searched for meaning, purpose and lasting fulfillment. It is for those ready to come in to their fullest power and achieve significant and sustainable success generated from within. Success that reflects an inner state of wholeness and completeness. 

Mas has helped high profile individuals, business leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers, professional athletes, celebrities, royal families, and Fortune 500 executives to optimize their potential and success across all areas of life.  

Working with Mas can help to optimize efficiencies, profitability, enhance creativity and problem solving, break through plateaus, delete self-sabotage, reduce stress and other core issues at the most fundamental level for lasting and sustainable results.  

Mas works with clients to implement a customized approach to accelerate their performance. Due to the intense nature of his work, requests are individually reviewed and offered to those prepared to navigate the rigor of achieving significant success. Consultations are subject to availability.   

The process of significant success can be extremely demanding and challenging. It can also be the most rewarding as internal weaknesses are realigned. It is a cornerstone that shapes all aspects of your life and requires mental fortitude, emotional maturity, and the courage and wisdom to be your optimal self. 

- Personal Mastery

- Business Mastery

- Intellectual Mastery

- High Performance Sports

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Incredible results! Fifteen days after starting to work with Mas, a multi-million-dollar investment which was going bankrupt now will return a huge profit. Next, day I settled a lawsuit in my favor that was really nasty. Finally a company I was going to close now is successful. I am speechless. Only very powerful energy could have brought these results in such a short time; this really works! 
John Rivera, 64 | Hedge Fund Manager, Newport, RI