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"I knew when I met Mas, he was going to be able to coach/teach me in a way I had always dreamed of. Mas's level of work is like no other on this planet. I have a deep respect for what he has been able to achieve with EI. My life is now unrecognizable. I am Free beyond words, joyful and I am truly at Home with myself. When you take personal responsibly and own your power and potential, this process unfolds quickly and efficiently. What I love, is this is teachable and my own gifts are shining bright now too. Thank you Mas!"

• Kaya Usher, 53 | Writer, Ontario, Canada



Mas awakened my spirit with a single touch, and in the two years that have followed I have created an entirely new beautiful reality in alignment with my higher self. I can’t describe the difference he has made in my world.

• Mat Shaffer, 34 | Writer/Consultant, San Diego CA

Thank you so much Mas! On a side note, after doing the 21 days for several years I have finally took the leap to do this spring Healing Mastery and am feeling like a brand new person; best experience of my life so far! For the first time in my life I feel STRONG and unafraid of the future. Thank you for leading us to the start of our journey!

                                                                                                                                                       • Kayla Olsen, 31|Olympia, WA


Over the past two years of working with Mas Sajady, I have cleared out every reference from the past and can no longer find them. That’s never happened before. Today, my mind is blank and in reminds me of what it was like when I was young, heading out into the world on my own and my mind and being unburdened by experiences, habits and events that pile up on and in us over the years. I can even feel that doing my exercises in the morning with my body feeling like it is 20 years old. I am free.

                                                                                                                                                   • Marianne Carduner|Detroit, MI



"I just registered for the 21 Day Medihealing again - I am so happy to have connected with Mas! This will be my seventh month of enjoying the daily meditations… it has helped me greatly to stay on track with my life. From doing these meditations if feels like I have stepped into a brand new persona, and now am evolving rapidly thanks to an increased awareness of who I am."

• Bonnie Smith, 63 | Retired Nurse, Bobcaygeon, Ontario


You have an incredible gift to heal the seemingly impossible cases. I have had sciatica problems for over thirty years and it is completely healed! You are one of the most powerful healers on the planet-bar none!

• Bryan Montgomery,  63 | Investment Banker, Tulsa, Ok


After my session with Mas I have not touched a cigarette nor have I even had cravings. Wow... I've tried quitting for 10 years.

• Ryan Parsons, 31 | Retail Manager, Encinitas CA


Finally after years of pain and medication that messed up my mind you gave me relief in just half hour. I don’t know how to thank you enough!

• Maggie Thomas, 56 | Culinary Director, Chicago, IL


I only spent 5 minutes with you and my spine straightened after 30 years of scoliosis. My family are in shock, my yogi is amazed and I keep checking to see if it's true. It's true. Bless you.  

• Tom Hughes, 47, Therapist | Burlington, Vermont, USA

Mas made the connection between my chronic vertigo(which I didn’t even mention) and my candida (which I didn’t even know I had!). He always says he is not a doctor, but he did what NO other doctor has been able to do and that is link my candida with my vertigo. I am so grateful, as always.

• Anonymous | Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

I have worked with Mas for over 2 years now. Every month with the 21 Day Medihealing and everything else I can get me hands on.As a woman in my 40's I was pleased to say I have GROWN 2 inches IN HEIGHT from 5'1 to 5'3! AWESOME!

• Naunie Maddox | Nashville, TN, USA

When you went to the UK at the beginning of November, you worked on my 14 year old son who has learning difficulties. I am delighted to say that he has made huge progress at school and can concentrate much better. He showed me his December school report and has already achieved his July 2017 target grades in all subjects but Math and English! His knee is also better.  A huge thank you!

• Hanna, 47, Home Maker | London, UK

I convinced a good friend to listen to Mas' last global healing & Mas worked on her mother who was seriously ill with major mental illnesses via emailed question. My friend just texted tonight to say her mom was recently released from the hospital and is nearly 100%! She is extremely grateful!!

• Cara Russell, 37, Screen Writer  |  Los Angeles, CA, USA

My granddaughter Cecilia had a seizure that took the use of her right hand and foot, as well as her joy. I called for an emergency IGH with Mas, and within 10 days of that session Cecilia was “bright” and “sparkly.” She had regained full use of her right hand and foot, and was full of life! She was laughing and interacting happily with her cousins, her aunts and uncles, and her “Grammie” (me)!

• Ann Dunkle, 65, Psychologist |  Evans, CO, USA

I am astounded after my IGH this morning. I went from eating pop tarts for supper to buying lemons that I binged on and had broccoli and avocado for supper. No more junk and binging cravings. I started cleaning my place after months of a dirty mess. Most of all I handled a bully situation at work today with grace and ease. I am so happy I feel like crying. Thank you Mas for helping me. I genuinely felt hopeless to a deep happiness. I'm totally amazed!!!

• L.F. |  Vancouver, CA


I have had some incredible shifts in my life since I started working with Mas in 2012. ALL areas of my life have improved and it continues to get better everyday. He has helped me become more present and release patterns that were holding me back. I look younger, brighter and feel amazing. The very few that talk negatively are just not ready to awaken. It's as simple as that.

• Angel R., Business Owner |  Las Vegas, NV




"I loved the last podcast about love. It was so powerful, I actually saw my distorted understanding of what love meant to me. It looked like a tug of war. Thanks to all of your work, all of those files have been removed." 

• Caroline Sullivan, 45 | Kinesiologist, Cork, Ireland




My former boyfriend suddenly passed away...I was devastated and I felt like I was drowning in sadness for weeks. After his memorial service I put on several Mas recordings, and to my amazement the despair lifted and I felt at peace. Thanks Mas!

 • Greta Langmead, 38 | Actress/Yoga Instructor, Los Angeles, CA


It has changed my life so much, I am a much happier person, more trusting and open, especially with men! Things I used to struggle with, now flow more easily, money, relationships, finding the right situations for myself. Where I used to put out a lot of energy trying to manifest things before, they fall into place easily now. My intuition has increased so I don’t need to overthink things to death anymore.

• Seasonn Bailey, 43 | Homemaker, Alberta, Canada

Mas, I don't know if you remember working on me. We worked on manifesting a loving relationship. After working on me you told me that I would meet that special someone in about 2 weeks. You were wrong I met him 3 weeks after:) We've been together ever since. For the first time I feel whole. Saying thank you is not enough.

• Christina Lam, 27 | Real Estate Agent, San Francisco CA

I love my partner but over the years some of our quirks began to create pain for each other. After an online relationship event with Mas something shifted in me and I realized that my happiness was independent of whether he changed or not. I got back into my own joy and stopped worrying about him, which led to him changing and he didn’t bother me anymore. Our relationship is beautiful now.  

• Sylvia Revela | Home Maker, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Working with Mas has inspired me to be real, present, forgiving and finally awaken!   I notice what I notice.   Certainly not perfect...still learning who I am but I do have a chance of real freedom and I took this journey knowing it wasn't easy but was real.   Waking up and really seeing what is real is a surrendering moment. I no longer want to fix anyone, they have free will.  I am confident my husband and children are fine, I am fine.  I still love to dream big and get excited to think what is possible for my life.    

• Kristine Ann



"So I just wanted to say since the forum on business success in sept and the Boulder weekend, I have gotten almost a $90,000 raise. Awesome! Thanks Mas!"

• Naunie Maddox, 41 | Medical Sales, Nashville, TN






Incredible results! Fifteen days after starting to work with Mas, a multimillion dollar investment which was going bankrupt now will return a huge profit. Next, today I settled a lawsuit in my favor that was really nasty. Finally a company I was going to close now is successful. I am speechless. Only very powerful energy could have brought these results in such a short time; this really works!

• John Rivera, 64 | Hedge Fund Manager, Newport, RI


My husband and I have a small software business that had been struggling for 12 years - we were on the verge of bankruptcy when we had our first sessions with Mas. The very next week we landed a large consulting contract and our company has been thriving ever since! Mas shifted something that ended over a decade of suffering for us… we can’t thank him enough for that.

• Nina Bolivar, 37 | Business Owner, Reno NV



"Within minutes of listening to one of Mas’ Exponential Intelligence podcasts I drifted into deep sleep and had the most blissful dreams.  The entire next day I was basking in the glow of the joy I felt during my dream; even now when I think of it, a frequency of delight flows through my body. It was so profound.

• Sandi Serling, Publicist | 60 (but I feel 30), Portland OR



Mas Sajady’s content and work is incredible. Listen on and your life will change dramatically for the better. Enjoy!

by Joy Sela

Mas has helped me clear so much deep old baggage that I have barely dented before with MANY different methods. I feel as if I am now starting to open to Exponential Intelligence. The truths he comes up with feel so much more real than the old stories we’ve been told.

by Quantum Chris

Exponential Intelligence is a state of being. These are powerful teachings of the 21st Century available to anyone. All you have to do is listen. I’m excited for the next podcast!

by Paro108

I’ve explored many principles of the consciousness movement for years, but in the first few minutes listening to Mas I discovered the source of a pattern that was deeply limiting my ease. The energy patterns and effects began unfurling; I highly recommend Mas and the insights he shares.

by RVL Seattle

A simple method for creating dynamic success in all areas of my life. Thank you, Mas.

by Rita Scottsdale


I am intrigued by this new, fresh perspective on our existence and how we can create a truly abundant life. This way of thinking is liberating. I can’t wait for the next episode.


Best spiritual and self improvement podcast! I have been listening to Exponential Intelligence by Mas Sajady consistently for 7 months. Mas helps you clear the distortions in your life. Your life improves. Things fall away that were bothering you before. Your path becomes clearer and more joyful. All you have to do is tune in, sit back and enjoy.

by CyndiLouWho?

Listening yo your podcast has been so enriching to me as I continue to expand, as I am able to share these gifts with those I come in contact with each day. You have helped to awaken a part of me that has been wanting to animate for years now. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us all.

by SmoothBanana72

I enjoy listening to the podcasts over and over again, whenever I need a pick me up! It always blows me away, the interest facts about life and how generous Mas is with his healings. Now my child listens to the meditations before bed. Thank you

by Ergochic

I love each podcast for their unique transformational energy and for deepening my connection to my own intuition. I feel energy flowing through my third eye, which I have never felt before.

by Lynda Hollingsworth

I had a relationship that ended four years ago and despite cutting all ties with the person, seeing his pictures on Facebook would send me into emotional turmoil and crisis. Then I listened to Mas' podcast "Strengthening from Heartbreak," and felt the effects almost immediately. I regained peace of mind, control of my feelings and acceptance of what is. I use this podcast every time I feel down about this person, and it works every single time!

by Priscilla R.




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