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"Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It's seeing through the façade of pretense. It's the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true." ~ Adyashanti

Working with Mas is effective, yet intense and may not be for everyone.
All 'Mas Work' or ‘Exponential Intelligence Work’, ignites a rapid process of 'Enlightenment' as described by Adyashanti. The process takes you through an intense life reconstruction that will first shatter deep distortions in order to achieve substantial transformations. This is a destructive purification process that is often referred to as Detox.
Detox is different for everyone. For some, the detox is rapid and comes with ease. For many, things may get worse before they get better. The detox may take you through multiple stages of physical, emotional and financial cleansings, in which you may experience times of confusion, loss, sickness, despair, etc., as that which does not serve you falls away.
However, this detoxification of your existing life is precisely how you will arrive at a new life that is clear and awakened, poised for significant success and comprehensive abundance. 

1. What is detox?

As you connect even stronger with Pure Source, sometimes your life can shift in amazing or challenging ways that you did not anticipate. Detox is essentially the sloughing off of old programs, old paradigms, old family structures, old beliefs, relationships that are not healthy for you, etc. that are not aligned with Pure Source. It is the purification of your being.

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2. Debunking Detox Myths

Detox is a marker that you are on your path to a stronger connection with Pure Source and your awakening spirit. Detox is not something to fear, but rather something to embrace. What you are releasing are distortions, frequencies and family patterns that no longer serve you and you may be experiencing a paradigm shift. Detox may show up in your outer world as releasing people, places, things and beliefs that no longer serve you and your stronger connection with Pure Source.

Detox is the process of releasing the distortions that have kept you oppressed. Detox is to be celebrated as a marker on your path to living a life more aligned with Truth.

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3. Detox is a natural process and is not necessarily associated with working with Mas.

It is associated with your spirit awakening and ascending to higher and higher levels. It is getting you ready for this by removing all of the garbage that you have accumulated through your lifetime, past lifetimes and from family lineage.

The removal of lower-level frequencies are required as you ascend into higher frequencies. Like the resonance of a tuning fork, being in the higher-frequencies that Mas generates merely raises the bar and makes your ascension journey quicker and more efficient. Purification and having a more pure spirit, body and mind is the end result of Detox. The more pure you are, the longer and stronger you can connect with Pure Source.

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4. What are some symptoms of detox?

It is possible that you may experience symptoms as things come up for clearing in the detoxification and purification process. These symptoms could be emotional, e.g. revisiting past patterns that are coming up now for healing; perhaps feeling grief if relationships start to change or fall away; or physical, e.g. a bout of ‘flu', a bad cold etc. Some people may experience financial detox in the form of loss of money or investments.

It is important to remember that these symptoms are temporary and that clarity and purification is on the other side of detox. The level of intensity you experience may vary from very mild and hardly noticeable to intense. It is dependent on the level of distortions that have accumulated over time and from your family as well as how much you hold onto old patterns.

Mas is not a doctor and so any physical issues that you consider troublesome do need to be taken up with your doctor, if you consider it appropriate.

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5. What percentage of people experience some form of detox?

At the start, approximately 50% of people experience detox symptoms - many move forward with no symptoms at all. Trust that whatever you are experiencing is correct for you.

At some point in the awakening and ascension process, we believe that eventually everyone experiences some form of detox once they hit a new level of awareness and awakening. Though, for some, this may not take place for years.

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6. How can I discern detox from just general life stuff?

You can discern detox vs. general life stuff because usually at some level there is a knowing that you are getting stronger and clearer internally as your life seems to fall apart or you might feel worse if you are unhealthy. Deep down, you know that you are clearing internally and getting stronger. This is a sign that you are experiencing detox/purification.

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7. What can I do to ease the process if I am experiencing detox?

Give yourself some extra space for alone time. Enjoy extra time to rest, relax, play and nurture your body, mind and spirit. Eat nutritious foods and hydrate well with pure water. Avoid unhealthy or stressful situations and people. Spend more time in nature. Be acutely aware of your body, your spine, and bring your attention to the details of your physical form. Observe any patterns that may be leaving you from an objective standpoint without identifying with them.

Also, spend more time communicating with your spirit in awareness and allow whatever is leaving you to do so freely. Let go of trying to control things and allow your awakening spirit to handle all the details. Your spirit always chooses the most efficient and quickest way to get you from where you are to your goal of connecting even stronger with Pure Source.

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8. Perception: how you perceive yourself and your experience will determine how easy or painful it is.

See and embrace detox as a natural part of the purification process and connecting even stronger and higher with Pure Source. This doesn’t mean that what you experience through your detox is not uncomfortable, challenging or even painful. But notice the details of how you experience and understand the process from a higher level. Everyone who has gone through some level of detox has told us they would do it all over again to get the level of clarity and purity they reached after going through it.

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9. Success Principals: learn them to accelerate your growth/expansion.

Successful individuals look at the world with a sense of adventure and see everything as an opportunity for growth and expansion. Successful individuals don’t internalize their situation; they look at challenges as a puzzle to solve.

For inspiration, you can read autobiographies of successful individuals you admire to discover what they have overcome in their life to achieve their level of success. You can copy these success patterns into your own life to achieve a higher perspective and understanding of how to be successful.

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10. Taking Personal Responsibility vs. The Blame Game

You can either take ownership and accountability for where you are or you can play the blame game and blame others for where you are and what you are experiencing. Mas merely shines the flashlight on the patterns that you have been running.

The frequencies that you experience as they leave you came from within. This does not make it your fault. You likely received them from your family lineage or spirit created defense mechanisms to help you at one time or another.

Once you are aware of the distortions, it is your responsibility to let them go. Confirm the deletions – say no to old patterns when they present themselves, because they will show up again as an opportunity to walk away from your old life.

Stand strong and be like the spiritual warrior that you are. You will be stronger and much clearer on the other side. Celebrate this marker, as it is evidence that you are on the path to your desired destination!

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11. What does personal responsibility and accountability look like?

Personal responsibility and accountability means taking full ownership of your shift: acknowledging what you are experiencing and what is around you at all times. It means not blaming anyone else, including Mas or your life circumstances, for where you are. Mas helps to identify the distortions that have brought you to the life you are living and he helps you to edit and remove them.

The misaligned frequencies that are leaving you move outside of you and around you at first. Acknowledge this and be aware of what it feels like so you can grow from this experience. You will be stronger and much clearer on the other side.

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12. Should I take a break vs. moving on through it?

Ultimately this is a decision that you must make. We strongly encourage you to go within and listen to your internal guidance. Many people choose to continue their participation in live Mas Medihealings® or in listening to replays. This will often assist you in moving through phases of detox more quickly. You can play the Medihealings on repeat/on a loop 24/7 for maximum results.

However, you may feel that you need to pause your participation for a while. That is perfectly acceptable and it may be needed to integrate the reprogramming and change at a rate that will not distort you further. Again, if you feel the need to take a break, we encourage you to do so. If during your hiatus you feel that you are getting stuck in your distortions or darkness, please consider listening to a Medihealing® that you feel will be helpful for you.

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13. What should I do if I am experiencing overwhelming emotions or mental instability?

Mas is not a doctor or medical professional. Please contact or see your doctor or mental health specialist to assist you.

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Detox Support
Medihealing® & Podcast

Detox Support

MP3 for PURCHASE   : There is a Detox Medihealing available to support your transformation.    Click Here

MP3 for PURCHASE: There is a Detox Medihealing available to support your transformation. Click Here

Detox Support
Medihealing® + Podcast

FREE ACCESS   : In this episode of Mas’ podcast, Exponential Intelligence, he talks about frequencies and the process of detox.    Click Here

FREE ACCESS: In this episode of Mas’ podcast, Exponential Intelligence, he talks about frequencies and the process of detox. Click Here

The 5 Main Personality Types
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