I just LOVED this 21 day accelerated so much. It feels like Mas was also upgraded as a teacher. The way he explains things is so succinct and really bang on.”    Jordan, 42
  I just don’t have the words I need to express the brilliance of this accelerated program. The shifts I am experiencing are earth shattering. There would be no other way to shift this quickly using any other modality. Mas’ laser sharp focus and potency is spot on. So grateful. I’m just blown away. He was speaking my language during the wisdom of nature call. Loving this exquisite journey.”     Eric, 57
  The Accelerated 21 Day Medihealing is not for the faint of heart, but it won’t take long for you to make significant shifts and meet your higher self, the most brilliant and loving companion you could ever imagine. It would take lifetimes to achieve the wonderment and possibilities you gain through the Accelerated Program. Thank you, Mas, for your laser sharp abilities, generosity and guidance. You shine the flashlight so we can heal ourselves. I’m in exponential awe over this program."     Cheryl, 58
  I'm loving the new 21 Day! You really have to stay grounded through it. Being in nature is a huge stabilizer for me. I listen to the Medihealings over and over. I have always found the 21 day Medihealings to be the most powerful experience for me with Mas. More so than anything else. But this one is on a level I can’t even explain. I could never feel old patterns leaving or what was mine and what wasn’t. I’m definitely starting to feel that. It’s trippy. I’m holding on to a life raft and refusing to let go."     Marlene, 48
  I’m feeling significant shifts during the accelerated. It’s not easy going through it while old patterns are leaving but I SO welcome the change. The timing is perfect for me right now. I’d rather struggle a bit and get a faster result."     Daniel, 32
  Accelerated Program kicked my ass, but I loved it! The majority of the population doesn’t want to do this because it’s much too painful so they remain trapped in old patterns. Fortunately, there are those of us who feel it’s much too painful not to do it. I signed up for September’s accelerated 21 day. I am soooo getting this shit is out of me. Feels AMAZING!"     Kally, 27
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