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50 Shades of Great Relationships

Join Mas for the first ever 50 Shades of Great Relationships and Medihealing®. Many of us are striving to find that special partner after navigating challenges such as divorce, abuse, betrayal, online dating, death of a spouse etc…. How do we trust the process and find our next partner?  

  • Mas will explore the frequencies of love, betrayal, loyalty, jealousy, control and not feeling good enough, while replacing them with higher frequencies attracting conscious relationships. 
  • Mas will discuss the dynamics of healthy relationships, why men and women unconsciously attract toxic partners and how to break these patterns by re-calibrating your heart.  
  • He will guide you through removing distortions at the core of your love life, and bring you into a higher frequency so you can either attract the partner of your dreams or mend your current relationship.
  • You will be able to step away from yourself in order to see your behavior from a different perspective.  
  • This will help you understand objectively how you feel love and create relationships in your life.  
  • With this new perspective, you will finally be in a position to attract pure Exponential love into your reality or deepen the love you already share. 

Mas says, “By working with Exponential Intelligence, you will be pulled away from needy or negative relationships. Once you are awakened, relationships manifest automatically.” 

Prepare to be inspired to reach the next level of your personal journey.


Aired July 15, 2017 | More Live Event Replays