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Bridal Extravaganza | January 5 & 6, 2019

An After-Life Perspective

Saturday 12:30 | Room 310B (third floor)


Relationship Tips for Women from Men

Sunday 12:30 | Room 310B (third floor)

Learn rarely known and commonly misunderstood truths about relationships, love and marriage. Learn how men love, feel, act and understand the reasons why men do what they do, how they communicate and what they really want. It's a thought-provoking talk that will change the way you see and love men and yourself forever. 

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Why work with Mas Sajady?

A journey through two near death experiences, gifted Mas Sajady with extraordinary abilities to accurately identify the root-cause to your blocks and remove them with surgical precision.

The process raises your frequency to access improved self-image, self-awareness, self-worth, confidence, magnetism, and inner strength ... desirable qualities to a lasting romance.

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How can Mas help you transform?

Medihealing® - Mas' means of working on individuals is through Medihealing - a combined meditation and healing that merges the benefits of mindfulness meditation with Pure Source healing frequency. Mas works on your frequency blueprint to raise your vibration and awaken your own power for self-healing and life transformation.

The Mastermind - A Mastermind forms when two or more people join a Medihealing. This results in a collective group strength and is composed of the purest version of its members. The Mastermind provides the benefit of stronger momentum and allows individuals to leverage their collective strength to shift further & faster.

Lasting Romance Specific Medihealings® - Mas has created topic specific Medihealings focused on enhancing loving partnerships and lasting romance. We invite you to browse the collection below.

Replay MP3s - Mas works at the quantum level without the restrictions of linear time and space. As a result, when you listen to replays you are pulled into the healing frequencies from the live session, making the replay equally as effective as the live event.

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A Gift from Mas Sajady


Self-Love Medihealing® | Click for Access

Lasting Romance Medihealings®

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Relationship Testimonials

"I loved the last podcast about love. It was so powerful, I actually saw my distorted understanding of what love meant to me. It looked like a tug of war. Thanks to all of your work, all of those files have been removed."

~ Caroline Sullivan, 45 | Kinesiologist, Cork, Ireland

"It has changed my life so much, I am a much happier person, more trusting and open, especially with men! Things I used to struggle with, now flow more easily, money, relationships, finding the right situations for myself. Where I used to put out a lot of energy trying to manifest things before, they fall into place easily now. My intuition has increased so I don’t need to overthink things to death anymore."

~ Seasonn Bailey, 43 | Homemaker, Alberta, Canada

"Mas, I don't know if you remember working on me. We worked on manifesting a loving relationship. After working on me you told me that I would meet that special someone in about 2 weeks. You were wrong I met him 3 weeks after:) We've been together ever since. For the first time I feel whole. Saying thank you is not enough."

~ Christina Lam, 27 | Real Estate Agent, San Francisco CA

"I love my partner but over the years some of our quirks began to create pain for each other. After an online relationship event with Mas something shifted in me and I realized that my happiness was independent of whether he changed or not. I got back into my own joy and stopped worrying about him, which led to him changing and he didn’t bother me anymore. Our relationship is beautiful now."

~ Sylvia Revela | Home Maker, Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Working with Mas has inspired me to be real, present, forgiving and finally awaken! I notice what I notice. Certainly not perfect... still learning who I am, but I do have a chance of real freedom and I took this journey knowing it wasn't easy, but was real. Waking up and really seeing what is real is a surrendering moment. I no longer want to fix anyone, they have free will. I am confident my husband and children are fine, I am fine. I still love to dream big and get excited to think what is possible for my life."

~ Kristine Ann