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Group Healing (German/English) | Addiction | Online

Wednesday | Dec 17 | 12:00pm CT

Addictions can be masks or protective walls we hide behind due to supressed issues. Sometimes addictons are a replacement for a lack of love, lack of joy or it is just a way we choose to escape from this reality.  We are overwhelmed.  Either from our duties or for some,  by our higher awareness.

However, no matter if we long for food, alcohol, cigaretts or if we are addicted to attention or love, there is a place within us, where that longing is strongest. 

It is the need of being connected.  Being fullfilled in the present moment. 

In this group healing Mas will support us and work at our frequency level, to lower our craving or longing for whatever we are addicted to, so we can experience the freedom of choice again. We will work on releasing these issues in a gentle way.  

We will open our awareness so we know what our soul... our essence really longs for releasing us from our addictions. 

German/English session with Sandy Mey (our German Translator)

$29, 45min, Register: Click Here