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Tele-Forum | 'Spirituality & Sexuality' Part II | Online

Wednesday | Feb 18 | 7:30pm CT
There were so many unanswered questions during the last Tele-Forum... so ... Mas & Francesca will be continuing the conversation. We learned so much, however, there are still some things left to be covered. This Tele-Forum will include the topics below:

•    True freedom in your intimacy
•    Religious traditions and their true meaning: “restraints” on women (can’t vote, can’t drive, NEVER say “NO” to your husband’s advances, wearing the “burkah”, etc)
•    Birth control and sexual intimacy
•    Pornography
•    Sexual intimacy from the male and female points of view
•    Merging of the two to formulate one spiritual experience
…And , of course, whatever else comes up in the course of the forum. 

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