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Mas: Live in the HEARTLAND

SEPTEMBER 25-27, 2015

Unity of Des Moines
414 31st Street, Des Moines IA 50312


For more information contact Dennis Kelly



Friday 9/25

Pure Source Frequency Medi-Healing

Background: Mas often emphasizes that he does not heal you, his gift is to change your frequency for you to connect with Pure Source on such an extraordinary level – that you’d heal yourself, instantly!

Mas has experienced that the Pure Source comes through him the strongest whenever he facilitates the medi-healing in a group setting…the larger the group, the more powerful the experience. Once connected to the Pure Source, instantaneous transformations will take place in all areas of your life - Health, Wealth, Relationship, Spirituality, etc…

Event: So The Pure Source Medi-Healing is just that – an evening of healing and meditation, no lectures, no interviews, no guest speakers, just hours of healing work, pure and simple! 
‘Turbo-charged’ by the power of the group, Mas will work on as many individuals as possible throughout the evening, answer any questions you might have, all the while instilling the Pure Source frequencies that empower you to connect, allow, receive, and heal.

Although Mas will not be able to physically reach every single person in the room, you will receive a healing each time he works on someone with issues similar to yours. Many have experienced life-changing shifts by being in his presence. It is NOT necessary to be touched by Mas for healing to take place. 

VIP - 6 PM start | General Admission - 7 PM start

VIP Admission | 6 PM Start | Private Pre-Event Reception & Event Access - SOLD OUT

20 spots available, early registration is encouraged.

What's included? VIP registrants have exclusive benefits with a private pre-event reception with Mas from 6-7 PM. Hands-on healing from Mas is included during the reception as well as seating in the main event at 7 PM.

$120, SOLD OUT

General Admission | 7 PM Start | Event Access
General Admission has two types of access: Stage Pass or Audience Pass.

Stage Pass - SOLD OUT

35 spots available
What's included? Guaranteed hands-on healing access with Mas during main event.

Audience Pass

55 spots available
What's included? Main event access only, possible, though not guaranteed, hands-on healing with Mas.
$20, click to register

Saturday 9/26

Intuition Activation Workshop | 10AM -3PM

Having a strong intuition is invaluable in achieving happiness and success in life. During this session, Mas will work on the frequency level to either activate your dormant abilities; or super-charge your esoteric talents to an even higher capacity.

It is not a step-by-step workshop on intuition development. Instead, it is designed to infuse your natural abilities with frequencies of Pure Source through several powerful medi-healings -

  • The Pineal Gland Activation
  • Sources/Messages Discernment
  • Perception through Mind Filter
  • Spiritual Awareness & Expansion
  • Psychic Protection & more….
In-Person | $199, click to register
Remote access| $199, click to register

IGH Sessions with Mas | 4-7PM - SOLD OUT

5 or 6 per group, 30-40min per session | $100 per person
Click Here to schedule an appointment

What is an Industrial-Strength Group Healing (IGH)? Click here...

More helpful information:
If you are new to Mas, check out our webpage made just for you. Click here...

Sunday 9/27

Des Moines River Medi-Healing | 10am – 12pm - SOLD OUT

A Power of the Water Event - A Medi-Healing session on a beautiful bridge right over the Des Moines River with a small falls underneath.

Guided meditation; Hands-on healing; Limited to 30 participants
Venue: Iowa Women of Achievement Bridge ( East of Wells Fargo Arena )
Please bring a chair or mat to sit on.

More info on Power of the Water, click here

Registration | $100 SOLD OUT