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Frequency Spa | The Powerful Alignment of Thoughts-Words-Actions

Wednesday | July 29 | 9:30PM CT

The Powerful Alignment of Thoughts-Words-Actions

If you have ever consciously observed life experiences, you’ll see that the alignment of Thought/Words/Action holds the key to manifesting beauty as powerfully as creating tragedy in life.

Thoughts – Your thoughts are generated by your core frequency that runs your mental and emotional programming…so any distortion or perfection in the programming will be reflected to the same degree in your thoughts.

Words – Your words speak your thoughts into existence. As flawed thinking distorts your words, a kind thought sounds like music. And by repeating your words, these distortions or beauty will shape and become your reality.

Actions – Your actions solidify your words and thoughts as your truth. Together and over time, these thoughts/words/actions form the beliefs that create your life experiences and ultimately your destiny.

On this Spa call, Mas will ‘reprogram’ your core frequency pattern to align your Thoughts/Words/Actions with only frequencies of truth and beauty.

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