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LIVE EI Activation | Limitless Potentiality | Temple of Light in Irvine

(Remote Attendance Now Available)

Exponential Intelligence Activation | Limitless Potentiality 

Thursday Oct 13 | 6:45 – 7:45pm PST 

The Oxford Dictionary defines Potentiality as "...latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness..." 

From his deep meditations, Mas was shown that our potentials are never latent qualities that may only be developed into some usefulness in the future. The truth is – Since we are created by Pure Source, we are bestowed with limitless potentials as a fractal of its essence. Therefore, we have full access to our potentials in the present moment when we align with pure consciousness - our potentiality will turn into the power that manifests limitless abundance instantaneously, instead of being a latent possibility that may become of some use in an unknown future.  

During this one-hour live session, Mas will first guide you into a deep meditative state, then he will instill the frequency of exponential intelligence in your core construct to ignite a powerful activation of your limitless potentiality.   


A true account on activating potentiality - At a live event in September 2013, Mas worked on a randomly chosen woman in front of a live audience. The woman agreed to be connected to a frequency equipment that measured signals and states of her brain to demonstrate the before/during/after effects of Mas' work. Mas proceeded to work on her for about 3-5 minutes as the audience witnessed amazing transformations on the monitor showing sharp neurological shifts in her brain as soon as Mas entered the room (before even physically working on her). After the short session, the expert interpreted the before/during/after imageries, stating that the potentiality index in her conscious and unconscious state was about 15 before the session, then it dramatically surged to well over 200 immediately after Mas worked on her.  This much higher index number meant that her untapped potentials were activated and her heightened awareness realized them as a source of her creative power. After the session, the woman reported that she felt a lot lighter that her worries and stress 'mysteriously' disappeared, she also felt a shift in her confidence that gave her a greater sense of her general wellbeing.  



EI Activation: $100 | IN-PERSON Limited Space | Click Here to Register (SOLD OUT)

EI Activation: $100 | REMOTE | Click Here to Register

Venue: Temple of Light in Irvine                                                                                                  11 Goddard, Irvine, CA 92618