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Frequency Clinic | Anemia | Online


Frequency Clinic

The Frequency Clinic is designed to target serious and chronic physical and mental ailments for you and your loved ones.

Anemia | November 21
8pm PST / 10pm CT

A common blood disorder defined by a low red blood cell count, anemia symptoms can range from fatigue, headaches and irregular heartbeat to cramps and chest pain. This frequency clinic will address all types of anemia including iron and vitamin deficiency and disease related anemia, restoring health, vigor and vitality to life.

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Social Anxiety | November 21
8:30pm PST / 10:30pm CT

Sufferers of social anxiety have an overbearing fear of judgement and criticism and can often feel embarrassed, inadequate and depressed as they avoid healthy interaction with others. In this frequency clinic, allow Mas to unshackle you or your loved ones from the binding chains of social anxiety and the associated distorted thinking, freeing you of its restrictive grasp and allowing you to fully enjoy the endless possibilities and opportunities that await.

$30 | Click to Register

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