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Group Healing | Irritability | Online

Monday | March 21 | 10 AM CT

Group Healing | Irritability

Do you find yourself taunted by your own irritability?  Are you in a persistent state of annoyance, frustrated and exasperated by the smallest of human actions or inconvenient circumstances?  Why do we allow ourselves to get so aggravated?  

Are you ready to be less testy and settle more gently into your place in this world?  Please join Mas in this soothing group healing where he will work to remove the frequency of irritability. Life and all the people around you will not change but everything you perceive will shift so that the people you love, the strangers you encounter, and all that happens to you will no longer antagonize or provoke that inner part of you that readily judges and reacts. The more understanding side of you will emerge, allowing for a more beautiful and peaceful existence.

Included in the March 21-Day Medi-Healing, Package B - The Sublime

Or you may purchase individually (Early Bird $20 - till Mar 19) | Register Here