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Group Healing | Overwhelm - Finding Calm in the Storm | Online

Wednesday | March 9 | 11:30 AM CT

Group Healing | Overwhelm - Finding Calm in the Storm

The state of overwhelm is all-consuming. Have you been there before?  Are you there now?  Do you feel that everything is coming at you at once, needing your attention, needing action, demanding that you to take it all on?  

Sometimes it feels that there is so much to do, so many people we must attend to, so many tasks that must be managed; yet there is only a finite amount of time in this world. There is only so much of you to go around, and when the balance of tasks versus times gets out of alignment, we can feel completely overwhelmed like we are standing on a tense edge of angst and unease.  

Take a deep breath and join Mas for this group healing where he will bathe you in calming energies as he extracts the frequency of overwhelm from your spirit. This group healing will help you feel unflustered assurance from Pure Source, allowing you to integrate the knowing that all of your tasks are manageable. Needed resources will come to you and you will once again feel the comfort of peace and competence that are always accessible within you.

Included in the March 21-Day Medi-Healing, Package B - The Sublime

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