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SOLD OUT **Wait List Now Open** Hollywood | Mas Live Activation | Vibrancy of The Trinity

Mas Live Activation | Vibrancy of The Trinity

Thursday, July 14 | 6:45pm - 7:45pm PT

For the first time live in person, Mas will bring you a special Mas Live Activation on the Vibrancy of the Trinity (your Mind, Body, Spirit).  

Mas works with the frequencies of your core construct and 're-charge' its many layers from the inside out to shed distortions and reveal your original vibrancy as created by Pure Source. You'll live from your full potential once the vibrancy of the Trinity, your mental body, physical body and spirit body, is aligned with the frequency of Pure Source.  

This event is non-religious in nature.


$100 | Wanderlust Hollywood, Spaces are limited 

Pre-Registration: June 21 – 26, SOLD OUT 

Public Registration: SOLD OUT. To join our wait list, please email and provide your full name and the specific event title.