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3AM Meditation (Paris Time) | Eiffel Tower, Paris France | Online

3AM Paris Time, May 13

MAY 13, 3:00am Paris Time / MAY 12, 8:00pm CT

REMOTE ONLY / No in-person participation available.

This special 3AM in Paris is an energy upgrade during the long break between the April 21-Day and the May 21-Day. Mas was impressed with the energy in Paris when he arrived this May. Here is his personal message:

"I'm in the beautiful city of Paris, France and I'm told that my abilities feel more potent than ever. Maybe it's the food or maybe it's the people. Could it be that deep underlying frequency that envelopes the city and the people within? The frequency of being the best that you can be. Not at any cost, not by trampling over its citizens and their rights, nor by destroying other nations and resources. But by being the best as an honor of protecting its citizens and human rights - not just of its own, but as an example for the world. Of course, there are always areas that can be improved upon. This doesn't negate the fact that this underlying frequency still exists. Maybe that's why I'm here in France. To help shine the light of this frequency even brighter, just like its city lights. " ~Mas

At 3AM this Saturday Paris time, Mas will conduct a meditation at the Eiffel Tower. Please join us and the people around the world who are ready to embrace the frequency of an extraordinary life.

About the 3am Meditation Series

After Mas’ second Near Death Experience, he was frequently woken up at 3am to be guided into deep meditations.  Unlike a ‘normal’ meditation, Mas was instructed to meditate standing up. These 3am meditations would last for hours while it felt like only 15 minutes to him.

In these deep meditations Mas saw Spiritual Truths, downloaded knowledge of the Universe, transformed into different states, and experienced the joy and pain of humanity.  It was during these meditations that Mas signed the divine contract for him to heal.

As his abilities have grown stronger, being awoken at 3am becomes less frequent, however Mas likes to revisit this magical hour and guide us into these deep states to help us connect to Pure Source.

In each new country that Mas visits he offers a 3 am Meditation.  For more information on the 3 am Meditation series please click here.