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(FREE) C H A N G E - Collective Meditation with Mas Sajady | Live from Kauai | Online

Change Your Vibration & the World Will Reflect

Live from Waimea Canyon Area - Kauai, Hawaii

C h a n g e is a global event where attendees will join ‘virtually’, on Aug. 15th at 7pm CT, magnifying a collective-intent to create safe and peaceful communities for all beings. Attendees can choose any style of meditation, prayer, heart connection, gratitude, visualization or mind quieting technique that resonates most with them … or choose to follow a Facebook livestreamed, guided meditation with Mas Sajady.

C O L L E C T I V E - I N T E N T
Create safe & peaceful communities, for all beings.

C A T A L Y Z E D - B Y
Justine Damond (recently killed during a police shooting) was an influential light who taught students the power of mental focus and surrender to create positive change; based on the scientific teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza. C H A N G E is an opportunity to transform her passing, and the passing of so many like her, into a wave of infinite possibility. This powerful hour of group intention, prayer, and/or meditation, will be an opportunity to use what Justine so passionately & lovingly taught, to create safe and peaceful communities.

W H E N and H O W
Tuesday, August 15th, 5pm PT / 7pm CT / 8pm ET / 10am Sydney (16th)

Justine led her meditation class on Tuesdays at 7pm CT at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community in Minneapolis. At this same time, on August 15th, we will connect to the beautiful morphogenetic field created by her while on this earth plane … and exponentially grow it into a tangible, infinite, permanent wave of positive change.

Choose any style of prayer, meditation, heart connection, gratitude, visualization or mind quieting technique that resonates most with you. Alternatively, you may choose to follow Mas Sajady's Facebook livestreamed, guided meditation.

H O N O R and G R A T I T U D E
Though Justine’s passing catalyzed the creation of this event, we very much want to honor all those - who’s life and passing of - are equally catalysts to this moment in time. With open hearts and great compassion, we thank and honor all of these infinite souls.

From the highest of perspectives, may we see each incident from a space of gratitude … acknowledging how it ultimately pushed us collectively to desire & create a greater, more unified community.

With Great Love - Let Us Create
Great C H A N G E ♥