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Frequency Spa | The Ajna (3rd Eye) Chakra | Frequency Upgrade & Support | Online


Mas Sajady Program | Frequency Spa

Frequency Spa #56:
The Ajna (3rd Eye) Chakra | Frequency Spa Support & Upgrade

Mas just finished his fourth annual Kauai retreat. Kauai is the oldest and most magical of all Hawaiian islands. It not only looks like a lush piece of heaven on earth, but it also holds the energy of the vortex between the physical and spiritual plane called the Ajna, the Third Eye Chakra.  

The frequency of the Ajna relates to the element of light and intuition. Historically, Kauai is where ancient sorcerers in Hawaii came to access divine inspiration, insight and vision. Mas experienced an instant sharpening of his spiritual vision on his first visit to Kauai in 2014 and he has returned to the island each year to cultivate spiritual capabilities and tap into higher wisdom and awareness.  

Immersing in the powerful frequency of the Kauai vortex for two weeks, Mas experienced waves of potent upgrades that have deepened his reverence for the beauty and the magnificence of our spirits. Mas would like to help you tap into your vast spiritual potentials through a medihealing on the Ajna, the Third Eye Chakra, that will help you connect to the extraordinary intellect, intuition, wisdom, and spiritual insights that are available to everyone.


The Ajna (3rd Eye) Chakra | Frequency Upgrade and Support  

Sunday, September 3rd,  2017
5:15pm HT | 8:15pm PT | 10:15pm CT | 11:15pm ET

Live Session + Replay (45min) $49 | Click to Register

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