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Frequency Spa | Comfort with Vulnerability | Online

Mas Sajady Program | Frequency Spa

Frequency Spa #57: Comfort with Vulnerability

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of joy, creativity, belonging and love.” – Brene Brown

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch

Vulnerability is at the heart of the depth and quality of our connections to others. But because the exposure of being truly seen can feel threatening, we often construct defensive walls that offer a false sense of protection and ultimately serve as the direct obstacles that stand between us and what we seek. Mistakenly equated with weakness, vulnerability at its core is a truly courageous act. To remain in a false sense of security is to deny the human experience and keep ourselves from the endless possibilities that lie in waiting. The masks we wear do not fool others, but instead separate us from deep, genuine, meaningful connections and the miracle and brilliance of our true nature.

Join Mas in this Frequency Spa in order to:

  • Gain the strength to resist erecting distorting walls and defense mechanisms
  • Secure and fortify healthy boundaries to allow for authentic exposure without victimhood
  • Develop the self-compassion and courage to acknowledge and embrace imperfections, sitting strongly in a place of openness and worth
  • Take accountability and ownership of our behaviors so that we may come into the full potential of our highest selves
  • Know that our perceived weaknesses are fundamental to humanity and an integral part of our innate beauty
  • Quell the fires of shame with a true understanding of our divine nature
  • Know our inherent worthiness of love, connection and belonging
  • Relish in the practice of vulnerable authenticity, regardless of the thoughts and behaviors of others
  • Relinquish our mental constructs of who we should be to fully embody who we really are
  • Develop deeper, enhanced personal bonds for a more enriched existence
  • Release the need for outcomes and guarantees and discover purpose and gratitude in moments of uncertainty and fear
  • Revel in the freedom and joy that accompanies living from a place of authenticity, honesty and truth

Vulnerability cultivates compassion and empathy, and as our hearts swell with love for ourselves and others, our courage magnifies as our experiences become richer, fuller and more expansive. We more willingly face challenges, expanding our self-esteem, broadening our accomplishments and opening us to the full breadth of human experience. By allowing ourselves to sit in the space of vulnerability, we are able to acknowledge and clear what does not serve us, accept and appreciate ourselves and others more deeply, step into the divine flow of the universe and open to the realms of possibilities that await us in every moment.


Comfort with Vulnerability
Saturday, September 30th, 2017
8:20pm Pacific | 10:20pm Central | 11:20pm Eastern

 Live Session + Replay (40 min) $39 | Click to Register