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Not-So-Black Friday | Online


Not-So-Black Friday Medihealing® Trilogy

Friday, November 23, 2018
(Live + Replays … Purchase Only Available through Nov 25)

THREE MEDIHEALINGS: Morning @ 9am CT, Midday @ 2pm CT & Evening @ 10pm CT

Whether you escape the Black Friday crowds or you’re in the midst of them, we invite you to partake in some non-material gifts for yourself, for your loved ones and for humanity. Unwrap unencumbered states of being where you will transcend the density of this world and feel the luminous existence of your soul. 

Join the Mas community in a trilogy of transcendent healing where we will look beyond the 99% of the material and physical world and into the depths of our souls and connect to the higher levels of consciousness where serenity and wisdom reside. These gifts will offer opportunities to target and remove frequencies that keep us tied to our distortions. 

Morning | Gift of Detachment

LIVE - Friday, November 23rd at 7am PT/ 9am CT/ 10am ET

You walk around unknowingly attached to many lenses, people, identities and ways of seeing and being in the world. Join Mas for the first gift of the day, the Gift of Detachment and Neutrality.

This Medihealing will help you sever unhealthy ties to memories, people, material items, relationships, ego and identities that deter you from your path of higher purpose. As you remove these obstacles you will be better poised to tap into an inner stability and completeness. You may no longer need to fill up your heart with possessions, titles, or relationships; instead, you may take each life step with authentic courage and desire to be your best self. 

The neutrality you gain will defy feelings of lack or inadequacy and it is from this state of totality and connection where the relationships, roles and items you bring into your life will reflect your grandness. You will no longer project a false pretense or identity nor will you be weighed down by the circumstances of your life. This holiday season detach yourself from your dependencies and distortions and allow the purity and beauty of your true self to be reflected out to the world.

Midday | Gift of Pure Human Interaction

LIVE - Friday, November 23rd at 12pm PT/ 2pm CT/ 3pm ET

How liberating and inspiring would it be to interact with others from a space of purity and a higher level of human understanding? The second offering of the day will be the Gift of Pure Human Interaction. 

Join Mas Sajady as he helps to reprogram your patterns and spiritual DNA so you may effortlessly see others for who they truly are, beneath the layers of life stories and distortions. Gain the aptitude to recognize toxic relationships with those who no longer align with your ascended state and develop the courage to step away from these old patterns. 

Tradition states that the holidays are a time to gather with family and friends in warmth and laughter… however, as you observe those around you, you may see patterns and programming within your family that you have overlooked in the past. You may feel a strong desire to steer clear of them or to isolate yourself.  

Know that awareness is the first step in clearing the distortions and removing the lenses that have kept you from seeing the purity of yourself and those around you.  Once you clear these patterns, you will gain a new perspective and see through the distortions to the pure spirit of others. When you see the truth deep within fellow humans, you will access authentic unconditional love for all of humanity. From this state of higher wisdom you may be able to journey through the remainder of the holiday season with peace and harmony. And with this, you will bestow onto others effervescent light and love with every gift you give, every hug you offer, and every greeting you share.

Evening | Gift of Wholeness and Being

LIVE - Friday, November 23 at 8pm PT/ 10pm CT/ 11pm ET

Everything you need is within you. You do not need to seek approval, love, or fulfillment outside of yourself. You are a magnificent creature, deserving of anything you may desire. 

When you recognize and truly understand your full brilliance you will no longer yearn for much of anything. Nevertheless, anything needed to help you live this lifetime fully with adventure and sheer delight will be gifted to you by your spirit.

Join Mas for the third offering of the day, the Gift of Wholeness and Being. When you are truly whole you realize that there is nothing outside of you that will bring in the feeling of connectedness, divinity or completeness; when this timeless wisdom is deeply understood the magic begins to unfold.  

Look into your eyes, see your true self and acknowledge who you are… and everything you are not. Build upon your new-found detachment and deeper understanding of human purity and discover the real you, perhaps for the first time. Then, accept and celebrate that you are a treasure, a gift to this world and to anyone you encounter.  Join Mas in this final Medihealing where he will work with your higher consciousness and bring you into frequencies to help you become fully present and firmly in your being. Here you are whole and complete and simply glorious. Open your heart and your entire sense of self to receive the last offering, the most important one of the day: the miraculous gift of the real you.   



Not-S0-Black Friday Medihealing Trilogy

Exclusively available through Sunday, November 25, 2018 only.
*Early bird pricing ends after Black Friday.

$80 ( *$100 after November 23rd ) | Click to Register
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