Frequency Lullaby | A Beautiful Mind

Developing mental acuity and divine connection for intelligence, creativity and inspiration
Experiencing this world through the lens of a bright, inquisitive mind is a gift.  Mas will help to instill the frequencies of mental sharpness in your child to strengthen memory, focus, concentration, and understanding. 
The frequencies in this Lullaby will also help your child to connect to Pure Source, opening them to a collective reserve of ideas and inspiration so that they are filled with imagination and ingenuity.  
Let the soft music and frequencies of the Lullaby wash over your child while they are sleeping, working, or playing so their mind can fully open up to expansive curiosity, strong focus & optimal mental development.

A Beautiful Mind:

Track 1. Mas' overview of the session
Track 2. The Frequency Session (Mas' voice only)
Track 3. The Frequency Lullaby (Music over Mas' voice)

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