Frequency Lullaby | Harmonious Relationships

Nothing is more touching than watching your children foster sweet friendships and loving relationships. It can be equally heartbreaking to see your child hurt by individuals in their lives -- a bully, sibling, teacher, romantic partner, or even a parent.  
This Lullaby will open up your child’s heart and balance their frequencies so that they will attract relationships filled with respect, love, kindness and replenishing support.  It will also help strengthen your child’s understanding of others so they can navigate through challenging and disappointing relationships in ways that will only help them move forward in their spiritual path. 
Play this Frequency Lullaby for your child so they can dance through life with harmonious relationships.  

Harmonious Relationships

Track 1. Mas' overview of the session
Track 2. The Frequency Session (Mas' voice only)
Track 3. The Frequency Lullaby (Music over Mas' voice)

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