Sleeping Angel - Frequencies for a peaceful night of deep sleep with sweet dreams

As parents, we dream of the nights when our precious child will easily close their eyes, sleep through the night in their own bed, feeling peaceful & secure. Sleep is critical for physical and neurological development in children of all ages, allowing them to be alert but calm and self-assured. Quality sleep is vital for children to function optimally, learn efficiently and socialize easily.

We hope for uninterrupted nights so both the child and the parent will wake up refreshed and restored with mental clarity and physical energy to fully embrace a brand new day.

This Frequency Lullaby will instill frequencies of optimal sleep that address a range of Sleep or Bedtime challenges ~

  • Reduce bedtime resistance so putting your child to bed cease to be a nightly struggle
  • Build independence and deepen relaxation for your child to fall asleep quickly on their own
  • Protect your child from entities and increase their sense of security (erase the fear/idea of monsters, etc...) 
  • Guard against nightmares, night terrors, bed-wetting and sleep walking
  • Strengthen the natural bio-rhythms to achieve the most restorative rest 
  • Guide them into peaceful, deep rest so they sleep pleasantly throughout the night like an angel

Sleeping Angel:

Track 1. Mas' overview of the session
Track 2. The Frequency Session (Mas' voice only)
Track 3. The Frequency Lullaby (Music over Mas' voice)

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