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Grace & Fortitude
Facing the Transformational Wave of November


The wound is the place where the Light enters you - Rumi  

Mas has been talking about a transformational wave that arrived in November. It will be crushing us against the density of our own unconscious existence, and leave us either awakened or weakened in its peak. When hit by a wave of such magnitude, we may find ourselves feeling wounded more intensely than ever before, and in ways that we feel powerless to predict or control.    

One of the finest measures of the human spirit is the ability to maintain Grace under fire, and cultivate fortitude without hostility. In this wave, fortitude is not about attacking, but about standing firm in the midst of struggles, judgments and unthinkable misfortunes; and Grace is not to endure, but to persevere despite fear, pain and unbearable sufferings. Our wounds will never heal until we are forced to relinquish all distortions in ourselves, and all expectations in others. Trust that the intelligence that created us has arranged everything for our highest good.

Please join Mas for a Medihealing® and in-depth talk as this transformational wave towering over us helps us rise above circumstances with Grace, while remaining grounded with fortitude. Know that where we are 'wounded' by the wave is divinely perfect... as Rumi said - 'The wound is the place where the light enters you'. 


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Recorded December 2, 2017 | More Live Event Replays