Message from Mas

I created the Human Reset program for several important reasons:

Most people live in a state of striving…constantly reaching externally to look younger, be healthier or feel complete. This program is for everyone who has ever felt:

  • I just want to be happy

  • Why can’t I finally have a great relationship?

  • I want a break so I can enjoy my life

The world is dramatically changing. Our current tools of thriving (success) or surviving (struggling) will no longer be enough to sustain us.

A new state of consciousness is upon us. I refer to this as a purity wave because it forces any untruth in the world, society or your personal life out and to the surface. Everything you have turned to in the past to feel significant will be ineffective and I want people to be ready.

What is Human Reset

This groundbreaking program is the first of its kind to help you comprehensively clear and reset at every level in order to most efficiently reach high performance mastery. The program provides the total mind, body and spirit reset needed for high performance living and will:

  • work at both the frequency and physical levels simultaneously

  • help to remove toxins, distortions and barriers faster and more effectively

  • allow you to hold and maintain significantly higher frequencies

  • prepare you to utilize the force of the coming purity wave to amplify and propel to greater heights

This is not a self-improvement course. It is not fuelled by will power and does not focus on surface level attributes. It is a radical change of your human identity. It is a complete metamorphosis from the destructive human consciousness from which the world operates to a new state of being that I call high performance consciousness.

This is not conventional success - this is a complete human reset where you can have the physical success and the spiritual connection we all crave without destroying the earth or others. It transports you to a different level of consciousness where 360 degrees of abundance is the norm. Health, relationships and wealth turn into a reflection of your connection to your higher self, rather than a façade to hide inadequacies.

Human Reset Program Details

Human Reset Program consists of two parts:

~ Part One ~
Human Reset Fundamental Workshops

Part One consists of four content-rich and intensive fundamental calls exploring in-depth the physics of Human Reset and its impact on three main areas of life - Health, Wealth and Relationships.

Physics of Worldly Wealth
Workshop #4
Live Online - October 23rd, 8AM/ 10AM CT/ 11am ET


In this 1.5 hour workshop, acquire timeless wealth or Exponential Intelligence (EI) wealth, which is not a circumstance of physical possession, but a lasting physical reflection of your balanced state of being.

Join Mas as he helps you to:

  • Reset distorted definitions of wealth and fortune

  • Learn what it means to feel the deep security we all crave

  • Find out the true origins of secure wealth which doesn’t originate in the physical world

  • Find out why money is such a powerful motivator, so strong that people kill and sell their souls for it

  • Learn why money is considered sinful in many religions and spiritual schools of thought

  • Discover the real meaning of 'money is the root of all evil'

  • Dismantle the myth of sinfulness and see how wealth is a necessity for spiritual growth and completion

  • Understand the spiritual value of money and how it benefits you in this life and beyond

  • Access the natural flow of wealth that the universe provides

  • Instill patterns of the wealthy without the negative costs and sacrifice

  • Gain access to the consciousness used by successful investors

  • Develop a mindset to help eliminate unnecessary risk, build and preserve wealth, and obtain financial freedom

Workshop #4 Registration: Not available separately, 90% off with early registration (till 10/27/19) | Details Below

Physics of Timeless Relationships
Workshop #3
MP3 Replay Available


In this 1.5 hour workshop, learn and instill nuggets of wisdom from Mas gained through his spiritual cultivation and personal journey so that you may:

  • Learn what makes a timeless relationship where passion, intimacy and sex get better with time

  • Experience a relationship that blossoms into deeper facets of expression, transcending mere physical sensations to spiritual love making

  • Foster a nourishing environment where each person feels safe and secure to become their best possible self, coming from a place of desire rather than obligation

  • Learn through breakups or divorces and instill techniques used by Mas to turn a conventionally devastating situation into a powerful life changing experience for both you and your children

  • Give your children the gift of EI by becoming a model parent

  • Maintain your self-identity as a parent and strengthen the bond with your children by becoming a strong, confidant definition of what a woman or man should be

  • Delete old patterns of attracting the wrong partner

  • Cultivate the courage and self-respect to end abusive or destructive relationships

  • Strengthen your current relationship, reigniting the passion

  • Reprogram yourself for a results-oriented approach to attracting your ideal partner

Workshop #3 Registration: Not available separately, 90% off with early registration (till 10/27/19) | Details Below

Physics of Vibrant Health, Wellness & Age-Reversal
Workshop #2
MP3 Replay Available


This 1.5 hour transformational workshop will focus on getting the body you deserve and will help you to:

  • Find bottom line answers to why you are repeatedly sick

  • Understand why doctors can't figure out what's wrong with you

  • End the battle with losing weight

  • Reduce your susceptibility to disease

  • Discover how to start over later in life and reverse the aging process, becoming healthier and more vibrant than ever before

  • Delete the patterns of aging like your parents

  • Learn how to stay youthful and vibrant longer

  • Defy and reverse the effects of aging through a scientifically tested process

  • Eradicate the false myth of aging

  • Go beyond health and achieve a high performance body

  • Get more from your workouts

  • Initiate a deep desire to take healthy actions rather than fighting with mental will power

  • Create a fusion of mind body and spirit for an unstoppable self- identity

  • This workshop goes beyond conventional reasons why poor health and the process of aging are prevalent in society

  • It offers proven techniques that free you from the conventional consciousness of how we heal and age

  • Through an intense group activity, discover the specific cause of your individual health issues

Please note that this workshop is not about supplements or a quick fix, but changes your programming at such a deep level that you naturally become healthy, vibrant and youthful.

Workshop #2 Registration: Not available separately, 90% off with early registration (till 10/27/19) | Details Below

Physics of High Performance Living
Workshop #1
MP3 Replay Available


This workshop will provide a fundamental overview of the program philosophy and process while educating and preparing you for a total and complete human reset experience with life-changing results. Mas will discuss the impact from an Exponential Intelligence perspective while working at a frequency level to help prime the group for the powerful transformation ahead.

A select few will be chosen to show the powerful transformation that can happen within minutes using the principles of human reset.

Workshop #1 Registration: Free (till 10/27/19) | Details Below

Human Reset Fundamental Workshops

Workshop #1 | MP3 Replay

Regular: $50 (effective 10/28/19)
Register Now: Free (till 11:59pm, 10/27/19)
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Full Workshop Package: #1, #2, #3 & #4 | Live Calls & Replays

Regular: $150 (effective 10/28/19)
Register Now: $15 (till 11:59pm, 10/27/19)
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~ Part Two ~
Human Reset 21Day Challenge

The Human Reset 21Day Challenge will begin with the 21Day in November.

Mas intentionally designed the program that combines the Human Reset Frequency Sessions with the 21Day Medihealing to provide extra strength to the process.

Human Reset 21Day Challenge

Human Reset Accelerated 21Day Challenge

  • 1 Human Reset Initiation Session

  • Human Reset Frequency Sessions:

    • 15 Frequency Sessions

  • 3 Q&A Video Support Calls with Alex Sajady

  • Human Reset Videos from Alex Sajady

  • 21 Foundational Medihealing (9:30 am CT)

  • 21 Accelerated Medihealing (9:30 pm CT)

  • Day 22 Power Medihealing

  • Personal Development 1

  • Personal Development 2

  • Monthly Reset

  • Wisdom of the 21 Day

  • 21 Day Privileges

    $270 | Click to Register

Human Reset Foundational 21Day Challenge

  • 1 Human Reset Initiation Session

  • Human Reset Frequency Sessions:

    • 12 Frequency Sessions

  • 3 Q&A Video Support Calls with Alex Sajady

  • Human Reset Videos from Alex Sajady )

  • 21 Foundational Medihealing (9:30 am CT)

  • Personal Development 1 (first personal development of the month; no exchanges.)

  • $10 Credit for Personal Development 2

  • Wisdom of the 21 Day

  • 21 Day Privileges

  • Exclusive option to register for Day 22 (Only available to 21 Day participants; no public access)

    $180 | Click to Register

Human Reset on Maui
Blue Ocean MAStermind
Special Engagement (In-Person Only)


Time: Oct 16-22, Sunrise daily for 60 minutes

Location: Private Beach at Kapalua, Maui
Details disclosed upon confirmed registration 

Important Note: The Human Reset MAStermind is a very intensive program that a personal interview/assessment is required prior to registration.

Program Details: The MAStermind group is limited to 7 participants. The group meets at a private beach at Kapalua by the Sunrise Oct 16 - 22 daily for 60 minutes (Mas Team will text the participants the precise sunrise time to meet the evening before). Mas will be working on the group in the ocean for 30 minutes and on the beach for 30 minutes. Each day Mas will focus on one area to reset the human condition and existence that the participants will have experienced and integrated an in-depth human reset by the 7th day on these major areas - 

  • Oct 13: Human Reset In-Person Orientation and Interview

  • Day 1, Oct 16: Human Reset: Physical

  • Day 2, Oct 17: Human Reset: Emotional

  • Day 3, Oct 18: Human Reset: Relationships

  • Day 4, Oct 19: Human Reset: Lineage

  • Day 5, Oct 20: Human Reset: Financial

  • Day 6, Oct 21: Human Reset: Spiritual

  • Day 7, Oct 22: Human Reset: Integration


Human Reset MAStermind

Orientation & Interview | FREE
12pm HT October 13th, Private Resort, Kapalua, Muai
In-Person Only | Sold-Out (Session Full, Registration Closed)
Location & other details disclosed upon registration

Human Reset MAStermind | $10,000 per person
7 spots, In-Person Only | Sold-Out

Mas Sajady & Exponential Intelligence

About Mas Sajady: Mas Sajady has been gifted the true understanding of how reality works and how to alter it, with unprecedented access to a higher consciousness and understanding of the purpose of humanity. Through Exponential Intelligence (EI), he is able to demonstrate how we can fulfill that purpose, transform our lives and reach our fullest potential. Mas has collaborated with executives, fortune 500 companies, royal families, celebrities, athletes & individuals helping them to reach the pinnacle of success without sacrifice.

About Exponential Intelligence (EI): Mas came into EI and his abilities after two near death experiences. This next level understanding of reality and our existence is helping to propel us forward into a new age. Newton transformed the world in his time…Einstein brought it to the next level…Quantum mechanics revealed that reality is not as it seems…and EI brings together the missing pieces. It is the cutting edge technology of consciousness with direct application to transforming our daily lives.