Practical Spirituality
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The Buddha taught that there are three types of generosity. The first is the generosity of the material – that of giving things, such as wealth or possessions. The second is the generosity of protecting living beings from the things that they fear – principally injury or death. And third is the highest form of generosity, which is called 'the giving of that which is sublime'  – the truth. That is what Mas has been tirelessly giving since returning from his second near death experience.

One of the truths that Mas has observed to be frequently forgotten by us is that having spiritual power is key to achieving physical success. So the theme of this event is on Spiritual Power for practical use, its gain and loss in life and abundance. All talks, meditations and healings will be on how to cultivate power, accumulate power, utilize it intelligently, so that it creates abundance to oneself and others.  

Power Tools for 360 Degrees of Abundance:

  • Spiritual Power for Health Abundance
  • Spiritual Power for Wealth Abundance
  • Spiritual Power for Intellectual Abundance
  • Spiritual Power for Relationship Abundance

This event was conducted at one of the most powerful spots on earth – Kauai. In addition, our host at the St. Regis graciously offered us a location by the beach with a magnificent view, enabling the power of water to further intensify the voltage of the Medihealings.


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