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( Recorded live March 23, 2019 | New Zealand )

Source Code Activation: Super Human

Within you is the ability to ignite tremendous potential and groundbreaking human abilities but you must first remove programming that is holding you back.

Join Mas Sajady in a two-part event, Source Code Activation: Superhuman, to strip away internal roadblocks, inefficient human programming and activate source code to ignite the frequencies of superhuman qualities.

Part I: Removing Limiting Blocks & Distortions

Remove frequencies and rule-sets of:

  • Feeling like you’re not enough

  • Doubt and fear

  • Self-sabotage

  • Limited self-understanding

  • Routine, unawakened coding and programming

  • Misguided intuition and creativity

Part II: Activating Super Human Coding

Activate frequencies of Super Human to gain:

  • Understandings of space/time

  • Access Exponential Intelligence

  • Advanced intuition

  • Unwavering guidance from your higher-consciousness

  • Physical health and resplendence

  • Mental agility

You don’t have to continue life bogged down by the density of humanity’s distortions. Step into the brilliance that you were meant to exhibit and access a way of being far beyond your imagination. Activate your Superhuman Source Code.


$100 ( Talk + Medihealings ) | Click for Replay


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