3AM New Zealand

Aired Mar 24, 2019 - 3:00am New Zealand Time

3AM World Meditation - Spirits Bay


Spirits Bay, the official Māori name is Piwhane. Spirits Bay is an isolated bay at the end of the Aupouri Peninsula, near the northern tip of New Zealand's North Island. It is one of two bays in the short length of coast that marks the tip of the North Island. Spirits Bay is considered the most spiritual place in New Zealand.

The bay is also considered a sacred place in Māori culture as according to local legend, it is the location where spirits of the dead gather to depart from this world to travel to their ancestral home (or afterlife) from a large old pōhutukawa tree above the bay.

The bay has two Māori names, Piwhane and Kapowairua, the latter meaning to "catch the spirit", derived from a Māori language saying that translates into English as: "I can shelter from the wind. But I cannot shelter from the longing for my daughter. I shall venture as far as Hokianga, and beyond. Your task (should I die) shall be to grasp my spirit." The words were spoken by Tōhē, a chief of the Ngāti Kahu people, who is considered one of Muriwhenua’s most important ancestors.

A little known fact of this sacred place is that it is also the location of an “ancient school of healing” by the indigenous people.

Join Mas at the sacred and powerful hour of 3AM as he tunes into the energies of Spirit’s Bay and the Ancient School of Healing, tapping into this mystical place of beauty and history. Mas will share his insights, while guiding us into deeper and deeper states of mediation and connection with Pure Source.