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( Aired Apr 6&7, 2019 | Sedona, Arizona )

The Fourfold Path - An Introspective Journey

A two-day event focused on The Fourfold Path:

1. Exponential Intelligence ( what you have )
2. Introspective Progression ( what you do )
3. Significant Success ( what you achieve )
4. Archetype Super Human ( what you are )

Mas has come a long way since he began the practice in 2011. So have you and those around you who have ever dreamed of fulfilling your true potential in life. Over the past two years, giant waves of transformation have come rolling into our lives, crashing down on where we are most tender and smashing what we want most hidden, precisely in the fashion that Mas had predicted. No one, including Mas, was exempt from experiencing the dramas, chaos and struggles of life as the waves washed away the layers of personal debris, leaving everyone bare. It has not been smooth sailing but these giant waves have left us fresh, clean and ready to live in truth.

It is from this place that we will gather for an introspective examination to see how to best proceed for achieving true and significant success. In this powerful workshop, Mas will help you fine tune your internal success GPS by 1) entering the exact location of where you are in life right now 2) entering your desired destination in life. His upgraded abilities combined with the concentrated energy of Sedona and its vortices will pave the way for restorative grounding and optimized transformation as we elevate to achieve 360 degrees of abundance in all aspects of life.


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