Frequently Asked Questions

Are you new to Mas? 

If you are new to Mas...Please click here for a quick orientation.

Problems using our online system?

Some clients report issues when using Internet Explorer and especially when using Safari to access our online system.  

Almost ALL issues are easily corrected by accessing our online system with Google Chrome.

If you wish to have the most ease of use and be able to download our replays easily… please download Google Chrome and use it to access our online system.

You may download Google Chrome for free Click Here.

How do I sign up for the 21 Day Medihealing program?

Mas conducts a 21 Day program every month, however the start date is flexible, depending on his travel schedule. 

The 21 Day link, phone numbers and passwords will be forwarded to you by email (to the email address you register with) at the latest the evening before the 21 Day Mediheal begins.  

You may register online at this link - Click Here

21 Day Program – Can I share with my Spouse?

If both you and your spouse/partner wish to participate in the 21 day program then ideally you should each purchase the program so that you can create your own space and energetic connection with Mas or Pure Source.  The reason for this is that connecting with Pure Source even stronger is very much a solo journey.

That notwithstanding, we leave the final decision with the couple and suggest that they tune into their intuition in terms of whether to purchase a separate 21 day program each or whether to share the program.

21 Day Program – Can I share with a Friend?

If both you and one of your friends wish to participate in the 21 day program then you should each purchase the program separately so that you can create your own space and energetic connection with Mas or Pure Source.  The reason for this is that connecting with Pure Source even stronger is very much a solo journey.

I am having an issue downloading a 21-Day replay

Please download our easy to follow step by step instruction guide from this link

Why doesn't my password work?

If you are dialing in for a live call via phone, you are given a pin and a password. You are asked to enter the pin and then the password. Please enter the numbers slowly and wait a moment for the system to catch up before entering the password. Passwords are set/changed from the previous session about 3-5 minutes before the call. If you are entering the correct password and it does not work, there are several possible reasons:

1. You dial in too soon and the upcoming password has not been set. You should try again closer to the session start time.

2. Mas simply forgot, is late or set the wrong password (he does back to back sessions for nearly 10 hours a day; please tolerate his human error). Or he is unable to connect into the system to change the password. In the event that the password will not work, please connect via the webcast.

What if I miss a live call?  Are replays equally as effective?

The replay is equally as effective as the live call as Mas works in spirit space without the restrictions of linear time and space.
As such, when you listen to replays your spirit is pulled back to the healing frequencies from the live session and you are effectively taken back to the time-frame of when the call was recorded, thereby receiving all of the benefits.

Is there benefit in listening to calls more than once?

All calls, unless specifically noted, are available to download as MP3s after they air. Many of our clients like to download our calls and listen to them repeatedly on a loop, either quietly as they go about their day or as they sleep at night.  
Whilst Mas is not a doctor, and no guarantees are made, many of our clients have reported significant benefit from doing this.  Mas always counsels that we tune within, however, and trust our inner guidance in terms of how frequently to listen to/work with him.

The event page states that the event is over without giving the option to download the replay. Where can I find the replay?

If you do not see the replays listed on the event page... they are available from your 21 Day Mediheal download page.

They can be played from the "Back up Recording" found on the bottom of each day's access info.

Note: the backup recordings have 15 minutes of music before and 30 minutes of music after the Mediheal.

What type of Appointments does Mas offer?

Industrial-Strength Group Healings ™ (IGHs) are small groups of people working with Mas for 30-40 minutes.  The IGH is Mas’ preferred way of working as it harnesses the power of the group energy and intent, whilst also providing an opportunity to speak to Mas one on one during the session. Mas is also able to duplicate himself energetically at these levels, so it feels as though he is working on you for the entire 30-40 minutes.

Mas offers Industrial Strength Group Healing sessions (IGHs) both remotely (via telephone) and in-person in the Minneapolis area or at our Live Events.

REMOTE IGHs are of 2 types:

  • PRIVATE Remote IGHs:  These are groups of circa 6 individuals working with Mas for 30-40 minutes, during which each individual gets the opportunity to speak with Mas privately.  As outlined above, Mas is able to duplicate himself energetically to work on each person in the group for the entire session, and so in essence it is like a one on one session with Mas for the whole of that time. This is the preferred option for those who seek privacy as no one else in the group can hear the discussion (Mas takes you away on a private line).  Private Remote IGHs cost $120.
  • OPEN Remote IGHs:  These are groups of circa 8 people working with Mas for 30-40 minutes, during which each individual gets the opportunity to speak with Mas one on one within the group setting.  As outlined above, Mas is able to duplicate himself energetically to work on each person in the group for the entire session, and so in essence it is like a one on one session with Mas for the whole of that time. This is the preferred option for those who wish to benefit from the healing that comes from hearing others share their experiences/issues, as there is often a reason why groups form and there may be similar themes.  In addition, whilst Mas is working on one individual he will also be creating a sub-group and working on all those with similar issues/themes.  Open Remote IGHs cost $90.

IN-PERSON IGHs are groups of circa 8-12 individuals working with Mas for up to one hour at either our Live Events or at one of our Appointment Days in the Minneapolis area.  These cost $150 per person.  For more information on these please visit the Events' page of our website or email 

How do I make an appointment for a Remote IGH?

Please remember to register on our Appointment booking system before attempting to book an IGH.  For more information on how to do so please see the Please Read Before Booking Appointments’ Section of our website Appointments Page.

We do not have a set release date for appointments as Mas is constantly booked up and his schedule frequently changing.  Instead we update our system and release cancellations and last minute spots as soon as we have them available, in real time.  So please check our online booking system might just get lucky and get to speak with Mas sooner than you think!

Whilst awaiting an IGH, Mas recommends that clients join in his 21 Day Program, wherever possible, so that they can get used to working with him beforehand.  

For information on the Program Click Here

The Program also entitles the participants of the Sublime package to enter a ‘Session Spot Lottery’ as part of a Global Healing event, where they have a chance of being chosen for the scheduling of an appointment with Mas (regular session fees apply).

How do I make an appointment for an In-Person IGH in the Minneapolis area?

Every few months, or as often as Mas' schedule permits, we offer in-person IGHs in the Minneapolis area. These IGHs are bookable online via the Appointments page of our website in the same way as our remote sessions (see above).  For more information on these sessions please email

How do I connect with Mas for my session?

In-Person Session Instructions (Minneapolis area): 
Location:  Address details will be provided upon booking or by inquiry to

Industrial Group Healing Sessions - Phone Instructions: 

When you connect through the number below, you will first hear a voice saying ‘The Moderator has not yet joined the conference’ and you will then enter the 'Waiting Room' - where you will be on mute and will hear music only. Mas will un-mute you at your session time or as soon as he's finished with the previous session. Remember, Mas may be running a little late - please wait patiently for Mas to un-mute you and use this time to meditate.

You will be asked for a Pin Code to connect to the Conference and sometimes, once you have entered the Pin Code you will also be asked for a Password. Please do not panic if this is the case – the Password requirement will be lifted shortly before your call starts.

At the time of your session call in:
Phone: (425) 440-5100
Pin code: 938184#

For local numbers please click here.

Is my appointment time in my confirmation email in my time zone?

Yes!  If you booked online with our appointment system, you selected the time zone and the appointment will be listed in your time zone.  No need to convert the time zone.   The system has already done this for you.

I have not received a reminder email for my appointment.

Our appointment system will send you an appointment reminder email 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time.

Does Mas charge from the beginning of a session?

Sessions are charged from the beginning of the session time, as Mas immediately connects with you and therefore spending time to get to know you is not necessary.

Will I need more than one session?

This depends very much on the individual. Many people find it is effective to schedule more than one session, however, it is not always required.  You and Mas can discuss what is best during your session.

Mas normally recommends that we leave a fortnight (or more) between appointments with him, however he does suggest that we tune in and trust our inner guidance on this, as each person is different.

Will I see improvement after working with Mas?

Mas is not a medical doctor. He makes no guarantees to heal, cure, diagnose, any condition, nor does he promise improvements after the session (click here for Disclaimer).

However, you may be open to limitless possibilities once Mas helps you connect to your true source of power within.  

When working with Mas, some 30-40% of our clients experience transformation almost instantaneously and move forwards seemingly effortlessly; for others it may take longer for any changes made at the frequency level to be brought into the physical plane – this is dependent on the individual’s rule-set and also how much their free-will allows and so each situation is unique and thus no guarantees can be made…  Please know and trust, however, that the timing and process of your unfolding is perfect for you.

Do you offer a payment plan or give discounts?

We do not offer any payment plans or discounts.

However, Mas usually recommends a few weeks or even months between sessions should you decide to have more.  This will allow you time to adjust your payments accordingly.

Can I pay with an eCheck?

Please do not use eChecks for any purchases that you require access to immediately as it takes time for the eCheck to clear, and the access link is not sent until the funds have been received.

Detox - Is it normal to feel 'this way' after a session?

Some clients experience detox symptoms during the healing process.  Mas advises rest, for you to reduce stressful people/situations whenever possible and to be kind to yourself during this adjustment process. Other helpful advice is to drink lots of water, eat healthy food and allow yourself an abundance of quiet time.

Many people experience some effects of detox after working with Mas - either through a personal session, a group healing, 21-Day, attending events or listening to a replay. These detox symptoms could be emotional (e.g. revisiting past patterns that are coming up now for healing or perhaps feeling grief if relationships start to change or fall away), physical (e.g. extremely fatigue, a bout of flu, a bad cold etc.), or financial (bankruptcy, temporary setbacks as a blessing in disguise, etc.). As you connect more strongly to Pure Source it is possible to experience symptoms as things come up for clearing. About 40-50% of people experience these symptoms and many move forward with no symptoms at all. If you have the belief of 'No Pain, No Gain' or 'Things have to get worse before they get better' or if you hold on to the past dearly and have a hard time letting might be one of these people who must detox before accepting improvements. Each person's experience is unique. Just know that whatever you are experiencing is correct for you. Mas is not a doctor and so any physical issues that you consider troublesome do need to be taken up with your doctor, if you consider it appropriate. Mas advises rest, for you to reduce stressful people and situations whenever possible and to be kind to yourself during this adjustment process. Other helpful advice is to drink lots of water, eat healthy food and allow yourself an abundance of quiet time and sleep.

I have a relative who is sick (disease) but does not believe in unconventional healing. Will Mas work on the sick person without their knowledge and consent?  Why or why not?

Mas can work through someone as a stand in for the sick person, and if that ill person is not okay with it on a spirit level Mas would be able to pick that up when he connects with them.

Many times when someone wants to help someone else heal they will get a message they need from Mas. For example, the ill person may not want to be healed or they may be ready to move on.

If I submit a testimonial will it be used on Mas' website?

We reserve the right to post any submitted feedback or testimonial on our website without obtaining your express permission, but rest assured that we will always change your name to respect your privacy. If you would like your actual first name used, please let us know.

What is Pure Source?

Mas defines Pure Source as follows: anything that was, is, and will ever be has been created from Pure Source. However, whatever has been created cannot define Pure Source. 

How soon will I receive the Access Information for our Online Events?

Access information for our Online Events will be emailed to you immediately after completion of checkout.  Please therefore look out for this email in you Inbox and check your Spam folder if you have not received it.
If you purchase the call within an hour of the live Event it is possible that you may not receive the access information in time for the live event.  In the case of these last minute purchases, we will not be responsible for refunding the call.  Please note, the replay is equally as effective as the live call, as Mas' abilities extend beyond time and space.

What is your refund policy?

Please refer to our Cancellation Policy.