Abuse Recovery Series

The abuse you’ve encountered creates a filter through which you experience life … often aligned with pain, distrust, and insecurities. This series will help you transform at your core-frequency level to heal and eradicate abuse patterns, so you may experience a life filled with freedom, joy, connection, & peace.

People spend decades in rehab or therapy, costing them tens of thousands of dollars. For the price of a few massages, you can eliminate lifetimes of abuse programming. Not only for yourself, but the loved ones around you and future generations. Furthermore, Abuse Recovery Series participants are front runners to dismantling humanity's dense collective abuse Mastermind.


Mas Sajady’s Abuse Recovery Series offers powerful healing sessions addressing intense, unrelenting distortions and abuse programs / patterns to eliminate the devastating cycle of abuse for individuals and the collective. The series is comprised of two parts:

  • Part 1: Fundamentals ( Free ) will prepare you with core, foundational clearing and healing. 

  • Part 2: Intensive heals deeper, root-programming that has kept you stuck in abuse patterns.

Please note: MP3 Replay sessions are equally as effective as the live sessions. Additionally, you may bring in a loved one in need simply by thinking of them at the beginning of each session. 


Part 1- Fundamentals
Core & Foundational Healing Work

5 Free Sessions available for instant download.
Also included with Part 2 registration.

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Part 2 - Intensive
Deeper Healing Work at the Root Cause

Jan 9 - Feb 24, 2019
* You may join at any time.

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How Can Mas Sajady Help?


Two near death experiences gifted Mas Sajady the ability to work at the core-frequency level, or Source Code, to help reprogram your abuse patterns.

At the level of Source Code, Mas connects you to the infinite power and wisdom of Exponential Intelligence® through the process of Medihealing® ( meditation & healing in one ).

Mas is able to work on a group of any size, and finds that the collective Mastermind generates increased power as the group size grows, dynamically accelerating change for each individual.

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Part 1 - Fundamentals (Free)

A Free Resource to Strengthen & Prepare for Deeper Work




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