A Divine Reverence | An Energetic Upgrade

3:15pm - 3:33pm Eastern Time, July 17 2016, Asheville NC

The HealingMAStery Advanced Program in Asheville turned out to be the most powerful event to date. At 3:15pm eastern time July 17, Mas received a sudden and very potent upgrade while facilitating individual downloads for the participants. The transmission came through him so strongly that it took him noticeable effort to keep standing still. The energy surge was palpable and went on for over 15 breathtaking minutes, touching every heart and soul in attendance.

Here is what happened in Mas' own words -

The Asheville download that I received was a culmination of something that started after coming out of the Rainforest. I actually noticed a powerful intensity in my abilities just a few days before during the Wanderlust events in Los Angeles, CA.  On the last session day in Asheville, I started an hour long silent medihealing. It didn't take more than just a few minutes to get most everyone into a very deep meditative state. From that space I started to work on people individually. My intent was to ascend people into the brilliant blue space void of space-time where all knowing exists.  Being in the deep blue allows one to shed any distortions so that one faces life effortlessly.  One by one they would come up sit on a chair positioned in front of me. The confidence, knowledge, and power that was welling deep within me effortlessly whisked their spirits into the deep blue. Getting into the rhythm of this ascension process allowed me to let go and that's when the magic happened – it was the most profound connection to Pure Source that I have ever had. With the power transmitted through me I was able to surround the room with healing abundance of the deep blue and maintain it for the longest moment I've ever experienced. I believe my abilities will expand 10 folds in the coming months because of this download.  Read on as people share their life changing experiences.


The room feel silent and I entered into meditation gently gazing at green plant life just outside of the window directly behind Mas.

Within minutes I had entered into a deep state and what seemed like a vast alternate reality. The room we were in literally disappeared and yet, whilst I was 'there' I was also not 'there'; somehow I was connected to something far greater and bigger than the normal world we seem to live in by day.

My senses were heightened to a place where each and every sound from both inside and outside the room I could pin-point with absolute accuracy. I could 'Hear without listening' and became aware of exactly what each sound was without thinking.

When a student moved in the room to be worked on by Mas I did not see the dense physical form of the persons body, however saw the energy field of the person move past me in the void of what seemed like a roomless room, I could 'See without looking'; it was as though I was in a state of instantaneous Awareness and Wisdom connected to All and every-thing.

In this altered state it was my turn to be worked on. I moved to a chair and sat down; I felt a gentle touch and warm heat from above my head. A split second later I felt an enormous surge of energy cascade through the top of my head, through my entire body; like sitting under a waterfall of Pure Energy, time stood still and I was connected to a vastness beyond my imagination.

After an unknown period of time that felt likely an eternity, I returned to my chair, unsure of my physical footing. The roomless room slowly reappeared and every cell of my body was Alive like I have never experienced before.

I write of my experience 5 days later and whilst having returned to my 'everyday life', this feeling of being connected to a Vastness of All there Is remains with me; I feel greatly humbled and appreciative to have received this experience and continue to Be in the Present Moment as this is, really, All there Is...

I had a powerful experience the entire HM-Adv program, and especially during that meditation during which Mas had his upgrade. I was asleep during most of that meditation, which is rare for me, but after I woke up, I had a significant opening.

As I write this, 5 days later, I am still very much integrating and can not understand exactly where I am at. What I do know is that I feel a palpable sense of Spiritual Light around me, similar to the feeling I would get when I listened to the recording of Mas's Unexpected Upgrade back in NYC in June 2014. When it was announced in your newsletter 2 days ago that Mas had an upgrade during that meditation, it made perfect sense to me.

And also, I whole-heartedly recommend taking this program as an alumni. It was extremely powerful, and even though you do not get worked on individually by Mas, it is very, very potent and also reasonably priced.

I felt a wave was building a few days before i got to Asheville… I was so excited. Some part of me knew he was going to get a seriously powerful upgrade….and consequently me too!

During the third module in Asheville, I sat at the front and gazed both at Mas and at the outside trees nature etc. as my gaze softened i noticed the trees and their leaves began to appear digital images…in slow a movie screen in front of me…I had never experienced this before.

When I looked at Mas…I would witness such a solid image of him standing behind a client and then all of these images of Mas would appear around him…almost like a fan spread out or the feathers of a birds wing spread out... and then he would completely disappear for a flash…it was Amazing.I could feel major waves of energy coming into the room…I was being pulled up higher and higher into such a vastness with him.

The next day when I awoke in Toronto, i was lying peacefully in my bed and I was gazing at my hands and i noticed how they were glowing…a beautiful white energy was .beaming through my hands….

Attending Healing MAStery Advanced in Asheville was a profound time ... life changing.

Mas focused through meditations leading us into the depths of being while all experience expanded. During the final 3rd meditation of the event the boundaries between inner and outer dissolved, revealing limitless space. The habit of diminishing experience by referring to 'me' that brought pain, boundaries and limitation has dissolved into incredible openness. Vastness is revealed without references now is experience.

Everything is different yet all is the same ... a new view, moment by moment effortlessly arises while connected to heart. 'I am home'.

When I was sitting silently and I looked at Mas he had his eyes closed and I was stunned about the energy that was coming through him. I immediately had the thought that he might be receiving some download.  I looked at him more than once and was just in awe. He radiated so much power and grace, it was unmistakable. I felt the whole room was filled with this energy. After the session I felt that I was so much more anchored in my body and felt a lot of energy around my head as well. I am still feeling the effects of it several days later.

I may not be very specific in my description and I realize it is very hard to put it in words. Thank you for everything. 

What I experienced, and especially on Sunday was a much more gentle way of healing...on a physical level, I experienced a cleansing that cleared the chest infection I had from before I arrived.

On an emotional and spiritual level I felt spacious, at ease, restful...I felt the spaciousness particularly on Sunday afternoon...when Mas was working on me, I felt like I was 'out there' floating into was felt like my soul got to rest for a bit and caught up with me :) in that space I felt that truly "all is well"...I felt peace in my heart and a reverent stillness that I was very moved by when it finished...when I was in it, I wasn't emotional...I was just was awesome!  In 'floating in the nothingness' I also felt like I had access to knowledge or wisdom...or something like it, that was just there...embedded in the was simply amazing.

I felt a wonderful energy coming into my head from above, through my head, into my body slightly to the left. It felt very good. Peaceful, healing, quiet. I  was in timelessness the rest of the evening. Thank you so much for this experience. My life and perceptions have changed. This was a very powerful experience for me.

Everything during those 2 days was absolutely incredible and magical. The energy was roaring and I was in a state of some kind of trance but kept my eyes opened most of the time, at least I thought so, it was almost no movements in the room, very quiet and something very unusual, strange started to happen to Mas, his eyes became even more deep and out of this reality, his arms started to open up wider and wider with each person, then his body posture would go into more extension to the back position and his whole body would start trembling. I was witnessing something that I haven't seen ever before, even though I remember well the immense state of transformation that happened to Mas in NY during his first public upgrade. Mas was going over and over into this state of trance. The women and me not really realizing of what a great moment is happening. What an incredible opportunity and blessing we are all witnessing while each of us going through own journey of awakening. I feel so fortunate and privileged to follow this path of healing. Thank you everyone creating most beautiful atmosphere that allowed all the magic to happened.

It was wonderful to be with a smaller group with Mas and to have such personal attention. It was also fabulous to be with people who had already done a lot of work with Mas, so we did not need to do introductory things, and we could go very deep.

In fact it was one of the deepest connections to Source that I have made. I had an experience of being in the stillness with nothing able to move and yet being deeply empowered. It included an experience of timelessness. It looks like I might now be able to help some folks to also get to a similar place.  And as crazy as this sounds, I also had an experience of how completely loved by Source a piece of soil can feel. That one included an  experienced of beyond normal space as the sun was within 10 feet of the soil – which of course is impossible with normal time and space. I know that the changes from this valuable experience will become clearer over time as I readjust to my new self, but it is clear that a lot is changing for the better. 

The Asheville session overall was quite awesome.  I am in a very different place - discovering what that is moment by moment.  During the third module I experienced a profound quiet and peacefulness as Mas worked on each person.  The field felt extremely large and deeply restful.  Thanks so much for putting on the event!

I’ve never been a disciplined meditator and although I’ve been studying spiritual paths for quite some time, I am very new to Mas and his teachings. I was fortunate to assist the team in Asheville and even more grateful to participate in the Medihealings from the back of the room.

On Sunday, Mas lead a one-hour silent meditation while he simultaneously worked with each individual in attendance, and in this instance, he encouraged attendees to keep their eyes open.   Some people closed their eyes, but I kept mine open.  Mas began to explain the concept of “soft eyes”, whereby we could select a focal point, soften our gaze and simply notice what we see.  I selected to focus my gaze on a bright orange picnic umbrella that was just outside on the patio behind Mas. I just followed his meditative guidance in the same cadence that he lead us through many times throughout the weekend. 

Mas invited everyone, including those in person and those online, in to a deep meditative state and I followed his guidance in the same way I had done in previous Medihealings. It seemed like the whole room instantly stepped into the same moment, so it was easy to get back to the meditative state….it was easy because Mas did such a wonderful job guiding everyone the entire weekend.

In fact, Mas said, “We’re going to pick up where we left off with the previous meditation.  Now you know how to get yourself there….let’s begin there.”

In that, the room became luminous in a white-wash kind of way, I’m in the back of the room, and I’m focused on the orange patio canvas behind Mas and as I continue to meditate, taking a deep breath, the edges of the orange canvas begin to blur and the orange began to resemble Mas’ logo, like an ebb and flow of frequencies.

The forms of the two attendees in the front in the position to receive Mas’ work also began to blur and become obscured. At this time Mas moved from the right chair to the left chair and I recognize the attendee (Tim) he will be working with next.

And I immediately notice, even though not in clear vision, instead of beginning at the head as previously, by divine guidance…he took his arms and with his left hand on the attendees heart area and right hand on top of the heart and I could immediately see the essence of the two pure souls with one facilitating, embracing, and loving, a heart issue of the other.  I literally saw and felt the energetics of a heart challenge. Then as I took another deep breath, the vision seen changed to a DNA spiral to the connecting rungs of information all in brilliant endless colors with Mas, playing in childlike fashion, taking different pieces and portions and multicolored – rearranging, removing and replacing said rungs in an orderly fashion with divine intent and purpose.

What I was experiencing also was a tenderness of two souls embracing as the world does not see two males embrace. This was all energetic embracement.  

I took another deep breath and the scene changed with the DNA spiral, spinning in it’s purest form.  It was as Mas’ stepping into your “true essence”.There was a knowing that there was a very special bond between these two souls and that healing was unfolding.

I am humbled by my very real experience, although difficult to explain, and I know that Mas’ work is a vital part of healing the planet, individually and collectively.

My experience in Asheville was unlike any I have ever had, physically, emotionally and spiritually. After lying in silent meditation for over an hour, I was suddenly drawn acutely into my body…more so than I have ever been. I was no longer just aware of my body but was in a state of complete presence and being.  An intensely powerful surge coursed through me that felt electric in nature. It was a feeling beyond words and it was if I had touched a lightning bolt without any pain. This energy proceeded to come in waves and by the third wave I sat up to see what was happening around me. Although the room was still silent, I opened my eyes to see Mas experiencing a download. His body appeared rigid as if electrified and his eyes were wide. I grabbed my camera to video the experience and watched in awe as Mas would feel the surge of the Pure Source download and would then “come back” and continue working on the person in front of him. As he alternated between these states I continued to feel a sense of awe and wonder as my mind began to grasp the significance of what was occurring. The energy continued to course through me and it felt as if every cell in my body was “buzzing”. It was a feeling like none I had ever felt and did not know was possible…words are not able to adequately describe its magnitude. I was left with a knowing that as indescribably powerful as it was, I had experienced the smallest piece of something so magnificently vast that human minds could never fully grasp it. 

As the rest of the day unfolded, so did the remainder of the experience. I was brought to tears at the sense of beauty, grace and utter completeness that accompanied the event. I finally began to have a sense of what it is meant when Mas says that there is nothing that we need. I had the knowing that Pure Source is a constant presence at all times available to everyone in every moment. 

As a result of this experience, Pure Source has gone from a concept to a reality in my life and I now more firmly live with the knowledge that there is truly nothing to fear. Significant shifts began almost immediately and are still happening in the week following the event. While I am still distracted with daily dramas which are part of the human experience, the concept of surrender is coming with much greater ease. I have a deeper knowing that they in no way matter in the light of such ever-present, powerful completeness and are inconsequential in the face of the power of our true nature and our connection with the divine. 


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Through years of transforming lives, recreating realities and healing the physical and spiritual wounds of thousands around the world, one question/request Mas has been asked the most –

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