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(German/English) Group Healing | Defense | Online

To have "healthy defense systems“ fosters trust in the power within us and opens the floodgates to receive so much more in our lives.  Instead of letting the outside world/people project their emotions, ideas, energy etc. into our lives, it supports us in creating that which we want and desire. It is important to have healthy boundaries, a strong immune system and the power to say no. 

How do you feel when you hear the word defense?

Does it remind you of a time someone said “you are defensive”... in a NOT so good way?

Does it make you think of the military?

Do you find the word defense to be or feel negative?

Do you equate defense with your healthy immune system?

It is good to have a "healthy defense system“. No matter if it comes to health, saying no, setting healthy boundaries or choosing our experiences.  It is possible to instill filters to not be affected from emotional, energetic or physical stuff we do not want or need.  Being able to choose what we experience requires a healthy defense system.

In this group event we will instill the frequencies of:

·         What a healthy defense / immune system is

·         Setting healthy boundaries

·         Expanding our capacity to say no in order to receive more of what we choose

·         Installing the frequencies of health and a strong immune system (because flu season is right around the corner)


Please click here to register | $29