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Group Healing | Haunted House | Online

Group Healing | Haunted House

Monday | October 12 | 10 PM CT

October may be a month for stories of ghosts and ghouls, but for some people those stories are tragically real. Paranormal activity exists and can be a terrifying regular occurrence that feels inescapable to those dealing with it. Fortunately there are ways to rid your home and loved ones of this dark energy.  
In this group healing, Mas will help you connect with Pure Source, empowering you to clear out the malevolent forces possessing your home. With the protection of Pure Source enveloping your home at all times, your lives will naturally emerge into a happier and more peaceful place.

Included in the October 21 Day Medi-Heal, Package A or A+B
(No need to register if you are a participant of the October 21-Day Program)

Or you may purchase individually ($20)  Click Here to Register