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Tele-forum | Tales From the Shadows | Online (Free)

Sunday | October 11 | 8pm CT | Free

Tele-forum: Tales From the Shadows

“Without darkness, one cannot know light” - Unknown

Our reality hangs in the tenuous balance between the light and the dark, good and evil... and we can never truly appreciate the true beauty of our world without a deep understanding of the darker elements that run through it. Mas has faced it and conquered many different types of malicious spirits, and understands the evil side of energy in ways that few people ever will. Are you ready to hear about what really exists in the shadows of our reality?
Join Mas and Alan this Halloween on a journey behind the veil dividing life and death, where they will explore:

  • Stories of Possession and Exorcism (both demonic and alien) and how he overcame them. 
  • Black Magic - witchcraft, voodoo, Satanic worship and other nightmarish human forces.
  • How to protect yourself from non-physical entities.
  • What to look for to ensure they are never able to infiltrate your family.
  • A powerful meditation to insulate you and your loved ones from dark creatures.  

Join us to learn about a rarely-discussed topic and get invaluable advice on how to deal with any malevolent energy you may encounter.  

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