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Mas in Mill Valley, CA | In-Person

Is there Life After Death | Mas in Mill Valley, CA

Friday | July 17, 2015 | 7:30 - 10 pm PT

Mas Sajady had two near death experiences. After the first one, he became very intuitive. After the second one, he discovered that he has the ability to heal people. 

Tonight is a unique opportunity to hear Mas talk specifically about both of his near death experiences. This will be followed by Q&A, and then Mas will demonstrate his healing abilities.

Mas will be speaking for a monthly series hosted by Dr. Ellie Schamber and the Sunrise Center. On the third Friday of every month Ellie invites a different guest to talk about his or her near death experience. Ellie was an atheist who discovered during her own death experience that our consciousness continues to live forever.

You are invited to join Mas and Ellie in person for this special event at the Mount Tamalpais Methodist Church in Mill Valley, California. 

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