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Mas in San Francisco | Lessons Unlearned | In-Person/Online

Mas in San Francisco | Workshop | In-Person/Online

Saturday | July 18th | 10am-5pm | PDT

Location: Unity Church, 2222 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA 94115

Workshop | Lessons Unlearned

Think about all the life lessons you've learned - the values to be upheld, the rules to be respected, the expectations to be met, the path to be righteously followed…Think about all the lessons that have been taught to you as the truth and how these truths have served you and shaped your life into the way it is… 

During his deep 3am meditations after the second NDE, Mas was downloaded with volumes of spiritual Truth…containing advanced lessons that challenge the established belief systems on earth but hold the key to our spiritual awakening. To harness the power of the spiritual Truth, many of our dis-empowering lessons must be unlearned first.

Some of the key lessons to be unlearned (& learned) –
Karma (No such thing)
Destiny (You’re in charge…..? Think again…)
Love (Does not conquer all)
Spirit Guides (May not have your best interests at heart)
Relationships (Follow your heart…? No, don’t!!)
Prosperity (Working hard is optional…)
Pure Source (The truth about unconditional love)
And more....

The workshop includes lectures of the Lessons Unlearned accompanied by several medi-healings to deepen the understanding and the integration of the material.

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Remote Attendance | $199 | Click to Register
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