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Group Healing | Narcissism | Online

Group Healing | Narcissism

Wednesday, July 6th at 11:30 AM CT

Ranging from an inflated sense of self and excessive need for admiration to a destructive and hurtful personality disorder, the presence of narcissism is increasing in our society.

Personalities of narcissists are often captivating and charismatic. If left unchecked, the dark side of narcissism can become damaging to all it touches. In order to cover deep insecurity, narcissists often make those who feed their egos feel as if they are part of a "special club". Narcissists often cultivate an environment of dependency, while minimizing or dismissing the needs of those around them. Traits of narcissism that will be addressed in this group healing include:

  • lack of empathy
  • need for approval
  • inability to listen
  • feelings of entitlement or victimization
  • false humility
  • exploitive of others

In this group healing, Mas will work to clear the destructive frequencies of narcissism, restoring depth and fulfillment to the afflicted individuals as well as peace and comfort to those impacted by narcissists in their life. This clearing will allow the positive and life affirming traits to strengthen in us and propel us towards our highest selves and a life of 360 degrees of abundance.  

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