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Frequency Spa | Opening to Romance, A Celebration | Online

Mas Sajady Frequency Spa Program

Frequency Spa | Opening to Romance, A Celebration
The Most Romantic Day of the Year

Online | Monday, November 13th
8:15pm PT / 10:15pm CT / 11:15pm ET

At certain times during the year the planets align to support romance, connection and love, and November 13th is one such day. For although not widely celebrated or known, it is regarded by some astrologers as “The most romantic day of the year in 2017.”

November 13th the planet Venus (goddess of Love and Beauty) meets Jupiter (planet of expansion, optimism and hope) in the Sky and all of us will at some level be feeling the expansive energy of Love (in all its forms) more strongly and intensely.  Under these astrological alignments we are also likely to find our hearts expanding with joy and noticing the beauty in everyday things.

By chance the day coincides with Mas passing through Paris, often regarded as the most romantic city in the world, and amidst the spires of this romantic capital he will be offering a Frequency Spa to celebrate this astrologically significant day.

Join Mas for this beautiful Frequency Spa, which will:

  • Tune into the astrological significance of the supportive planetary alignments on this day.
  • Facilitate the opening of our hearts to experiencing greater love than we have known before.
  • Instil the frequency of one of the most important forms of love – self-nurturing – the foundation of all of our relationships.
  • Assist in opening up our communication channels so that we may express the desires of our hearts more easily.

*** BONUS: Registration also includes access to the November 13th evening Medihealing, which will be found in your confirmation email.

The Most Romantic Day of the Year

Monday, November 13th
*Bonus 21 Day: 7:30pm PT / 9:30pm CT / 10:30pm ET
Frequency Spa: 8:15pm PT / 10:15pm CT / 11:15pm ET

$29 - Live + Replays (30 min) | Click for Register